Backflow Prevention

wires pipesIs your property safe from water contamination?

Back flow occurs when there is a pressure indifference in a water supply that results in contaminated, or unclean water being drawn back into the domestic water supply. The water that arrives at our taps has been through a cleansing process, which is what makes it safe to consume, however there are scenarios where this supply becomes compromised.

Typically back flow happens as a result of ‘siphonage’. Siphonage occurs in scenarios where there is a build up of pressure at a given source, greater than the pressure in the pipes.

pipesCommon Problems

  • Bathtubs & showers, where there is an extension on the water outlet that can be submerged. This could be an extension on the bath spout that you use to clean the kids, or even a shower head on a hose.
  • Laundry tubs and that have spout extenders.
  • Kitchen sinks that have a retractable hand piece.
  • Car washing bays.
  • Mechanical and service rooms.
  • Garbage areas where a hose is used to wash out bins.
  • Swimming pool areas where a hose can reach the pool.

All of these areas are a potential ‘back flow risk’ which means that if there is not adequate measures taken, both you and your family are at risk of consuming contaminated water.

How We Can Help

For many of these situations, there are devices that can be fitted at the source, so if you have any of the above scenarios on your property, call Service Today to make sure that you’re in the clear.


*Note: Service Today are fully licensed and certified to repair and maintain back flow devices such as ‘RPZD’s’, ‘Check Valves’ and ‘Double Check Valves’. We can guarantee that you’re getting a professional service, complete with compliance certification.

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