Toilet Repairs

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Toilet cisterns have a lot of moving parts and where there’s moving parts, there’s maintenance. More often than not, issues with toilets are more annoying than an emergency needing immediate attention.

Common Problems

  • Water constantly running into the bowl.
  • Cisterns not filling fast enough.
  • Toilets not flushing correctly.
  • Cisterns that are noisy when filling.
  • Water dripping onto the floor from the cistern.
  • Water dripping onto the floor when flushed.
  • Water leaking from under the toilet.

How We Can Help

Chances are if you’re having problems with your toilet, there’s a solution that can be applied to get it running normally again. In the odd chance that there is NOT a repairable option, Service Today’s technicians can provide you with an upfront, honest quotation to replace the existing.

Like most plumbing issues, knowing what to look for is key in repairing leaking toilets. All too often Service Today’s technicians come across scenarios where incorrect, or incomplete repairs have been made that only solve a part of the problem.

Service Today are all about getting it done right the first time around, so if you have an issue with your toilet, give us a call today.

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