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Blocked Drains Sydney

Got a blocked drain Sydney? Service Today can help! For more than a decade we've been helping homes and businesses across Sydney, delivering outstanding, long-lasting results. If you have a blocked drain, don't panic! Starting at just $99 you can get a qualified, licensed plumber on your doorstep to unblock and repair your drains and pipes. If it's an emergency and you really can't afford to wait, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services all across Sydney. For all your blocked drains Sydney needs, call Service Today on 1300 859 383 and get a competitive quote and a qualified plumber on the job fast.

Blocked Drains Sydney Services

Using specialised tools we can fix almost any blocked drain problem, including blocked bathroom drains, stormwater drains, toilet drains and sink drains. We understand that each job is different and may require a different solution. Using a CCTV drain camera we can inspect the damage at the source and see exactly what the problem is. This lets us design a solution specifically suited to the problem, whether that's simply destroying the blockage with a blast of water or unblocking, repairing and relining your pipes to ensure they stay unblocked. Our specially designed high pressure water jets can unblock even the toughest of blockages, clearing dirt, clay, rubble and even tree roots.

If you need proof there was a blockage for your insurance company, strata corporation or landlord, we can record and provide you with the footage from the drain camera, ensuring you have sufficient evidence to make a claim.

Blocked Drains Sydney Services

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Additional Actions and Solutions

If you plumber has spotted another issue after unblocking your drain, such as a broken pipe or a factor that could potentially cause problems in the future, they will provide you with additional recommendations that will keep you in the loop and help you keep your drains unblocked for years to come. Additional work recommendations might include periodic drain cleaning, pipe relining or replacing sections of old or broken pipe. Whatever issue you're facing you can be sure our plumber will find a solution for you.

Do I Have a Blocked Drain?

If your sink or bath is draining slowly or flat out refuses to drain, it's probably blocked. Other signs can include bad odours coming from the sink, gurgling sounds or other drainage issues. We usually recommend trying a plunger or drain cleaner first, but if neither of these solutions are working it's time to call in the professionals. Leaving a blocked drain alone can often make the problem worse, so it's important you try and fix it as soon as you notice the problem.

Blockages We Can Repair

While we can handle any blockage, the most common ones we unblock are:

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Kitchen Sink Blockages

The number one cause of a blocked kitchen sink is grease. Often small food scraps will go down fine, but when you add grease to the mix your kitchen sink becomes a massive trap for all kinds of things, catching them and creating a blockage in your sink that can only be unblocked with the right tools. Service Today can identify where the blockage is and fix it quickly to prevent further damage.

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Shower or Bath Blockages

Hair, soap and grime can all get stuck in your drain, causing blockages that can flood your bathroom and damage your home. If you have a blocked drain Sydney, get a licensed plumber on the job and get your shower and bath drains unblocked by a professional today.

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Stormwater Drains

When it comes to blocked drains you might not even consider your stormwater drains. However they're one of the more common blockages we see! Dirt leaves and sticks can build up in your gutters and drains and cause major blockages. A blocked stormwater drain can cause major damage to your home, leading to flooding and water damage. It's why it's so important to keep your gutters clear.

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Toilet Blockages

If your toilet is blocked and just won't budge, our plumbers can unblock it with a 100% success rate! The blockage could be caused by any number of things. Our experts can identify the cause and clear it quickly, limiting damage and providing you with a lasting solution for your blocked toilet. If your toilet is completely broken we can also replace it for you as needed.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Anything that goes down your drain that isn't water could potentially cause a blockage. Soap, grime, dirt, paper, leaves, hair and household items can all end up down the drain and cause blockages. It's why it's important to only flush the appropriate items down the sink or toilet. While we can clear out grease and dirt from your drains fairly easily, the best solution is to avoid causing a problem in the first place. By being careful about what you send down your drain you can save yourself hundreds in repair fees down the line.

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If you've got a blocked drain that needs fixing fast, call your local blocked drains Sydney specialist! Service Today can have a plumber out to your location fast, 24/7, and unblock your drains. Starting at just $99 you can get the damage to your drains repaired and keep them running clean for years to come. Call now on 1300 859 383 for a quote and discuss blocked drain solutions with our team today!

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