Fault Detection

Did you know the number one cause of electrical related deaths in Australia arise from electrical faults within homes. This means things like faulty power points, poor wiring, earth leakages, etc. As dangerous as these scenarios are, they’re also very preventable. Like most things, it’s knowing what to look for and where to look that makes the difference. Call 1300 859 383 for same day electrical solution.

Common Electrical Problems

fault detection

  • Power shortages using certain appliances
  • Sparks while plugging in, or unplugging an appliance
  • Burning smell, either at an appliance, or at a wall socket
  • Burn marks around your power points or light switches
  • Crackling behind your walls
  • Power point gets warm, or hot
  • Flickering lights

It’s not uncommon to come across homes that have multiple electrical faults without even knowing about it and more often than not, it’s these scenarios that become the dangerous ones.

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How Our Licensed Electricians Can Help?

At Service Today, we want to make sure that your family is kept safe and sound. All of our technicians are highly trained in fault detection and know exactly what to look for in a potentially dangerous situation.

What may seem like an annoyance to you, could potentially be a life threatening situation, so if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms, or if there’s something that doesn’t quite feel right, give Service Today a call 1300 859 383 right a way. Our technicians will run some tests and give you the all clear.

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