Surge Protection

If you were to add up the replacement cost of the electrical appliances in your home, what do you think it would amount to? Televisions, stereos, white goods, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, all depend on electricity and at the same time can all be destroyed by an electrical surge. We are here to help! Call: 1300 859 383

Important Features of the Power Surge Protectors Services:

Surge Protection

  • Temporary voltage surge suppression
  • Single and multi pin sockets
  • Quick and easy installation with low maintenance
  • Alerts to notify you of power supply status and when voltage reaches beyond threshold
  • Automatic power cutoff in case of device reaching threshold voltage capacity

How Our Certified Electricians Can Help?

Installing surge protectors on your property ensures that when an electrical spike occurs, the current is intercepted before it can cause any damage. Protect your appliances from potential disaster!

There Are Two Stages Of Surge Protection

Surge Protector

  1. The first stage addresses power spikes before it enters the property. Normally located at the switch (or fuse) board, this form of surge protection will prevent voltage fluctuations in the main power grid from entering your property.
  2. The second stage addresses spikes within your home. This form of surge protection is located directly at the appliances power supply.


A combination of both these applications will prevent power spikes form reaching your appliances and as a result, increase their life span.

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