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Having a well-functioning electrical system in your home or office space is vital. It’s hard to go about your day without any electrical appliance working right. This is why our electrician Berwick team is here to ensure that your electrical systems are working just fine. Keeping your electrical appliances and wiring maintained is very important. Over the years, the wires in your house can get damaged or rot and need to be re-wired, or your powerpoints stop working.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services in Berwick.

This is where our services come handy. We provide a wide variety of electrical services to all and ensure that you don’t face any major electrical issues. Providing quality services almost all over Australia, Service Today is here to ensure that you get quality service every time. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals. There is no need to look any further, we are your one-stop-shop for everything electrical. Call us today!

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Known for providing unbeatable services, Service Today is here to help you out of any electrical problem you may be facing. We offer a wide range of services that are second to none.

All our electricians are licensed and insured professionals and have a significant amount of experience in this field. Our reliable and trustworthy services are what keeps our customers coming back every time they face an electrical problem!



Service Today provides excellent lighting solutions for all. From LEDs to installing dimmers, security lighting, outdoor lighting, and a lot more. We have experience in dealing with lights of all shapes and sizes. Our team provides industrial lighting as well, for areas that require powerful lights.

Surge Protection

Surge Protection

The best way to save your computers or other electronic devices from a surge of electricity is through a surge protector. It can easily regulate the flow of energy into your devices.



Are flickering lights becoming too much of a problem recently? You might want to get your switchboard checked. Switchboards are the base for all your electrical wiring and appliances which is why it requires regular maintenance and upgrades.

House Wiring

If your powerpoints or lights aren’t working despite getting a new switchboard, you might have a problem with the wiring. Our house wiring service includes inspection and replacement of old, damaged wires with new long-lasting ones.

Safety Switches

Safety Switches

The safety switches connected to your switchboard also require constant care. They are constantly in use protecting your appliances and you from any major harm. Also known Residual Current Devices (RCDs), they are the perfect safety measure when it comes to faulty wiring and an overflow of electric current.

Power Points

Power Points

Imagine having power points that are placed in only one corner of the room. It doesn’t seem like much but the placement of a power point needs to be just right. Our electricians are experts in planning out the placement and can change the entire layout of your wiring.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspections

Electrical faults are a common phenomenon and usually occur either due to overuse or faulty installation. Our electricians can come in for an inspection and detect any faults that might be causing your appliances to work improperly.

6 Reasons to choose a Service Today Berwick Electrician

Service Today has been in the business for several years and has managed to form a team of some of the finest workers. So, when you book a service with us, you get the finest service in your area.

Same Day Service

You just have to make one phone call to us before 12 pm and our team will be there on the very same day for service. We are available for emergency services as well.

Lifetime Guarantee

Once you get a job done from us, if there are any discrepancies with our work, our team will come and fix it all free of cost. We take responsibility for the work we do.

Yes We Can!

All our electricians in Berwick come with a “Yes We Can!” attitude. Our positive and friendly electricians are here to get the job done and get your systems working ASAP.

Licensed Professionals

The team at Service Today consists of licensed and insured professionals. We are all qualified to handle any kind of electrical job you may have for us.

Upfront Fixed Prices

You can choose from a wide range of services at affordable rates from Service Today. We always tell you the price of the service upfront and keep you informed of any changes throughout.

Fully Stocked Vehicles

All our vehicles are fully stocked and ready to go at all times. This allows us to save time instead of wasting it loading up the vehicle every time you call us.

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Reliable Electricians In Berwick

Service Today is here to provide you with an unforgettable service. Our team of electricians is a hardworking and friendly one. We are here to ensure that you get the best service every time you call us.

Electric shock and fires are a common phenomenon with any appliance or power points but should not be overlooked. This is why we ensure you that our team will be at your location ASAP.

Our team provides round-the-clock service for any electrical emergency you may be facing. We’ll get the job done with the utmost efficiency and ensure that your appliances are working without any hiccups. Give us a call today!

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Don’t overlook the electrical appliances and wires within your home, commercial or industrial space. It is vital that your electrical systems are working fine because that ensures your safety from any harm caused by electrical fires. We provide commercial lighting for corporate offices, cafes, restaurants, and a lot more. From fancy lighting solutions to the maintenance of any heavy-duty electrical appliances. Our team can ensure that your power sockets are working fine and there is no overflow of electricity ruining your appliances over time. Our electrician Berwick team is the best of the best, call us today!

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Service Today is proud to offer HUMM so you can get your electrical emergency fixed NOW and pay later. Ask us for more information when you speak to one of our friendly staff.

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