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Hot Water Solutions in Melbourne

Service Today offers hot water solutions, which includes water heaters that run on electric, gas and solar energy as well as heat pumps. Our plumbers are qualified, experienced and certified to repair and service hot water system of any type and any brand and can perfectly install any type of new hot water system. We offer 24×7 services all round the year for hot water system services, repairs and new installations in Melbourne.

Install, Repair & Replace following Hot Water Heaters in Melbourne

Hot Water Heater Repairs in Melbourne

  • Gas Storage Hot Water Heaters
  • Electric Hot Water Heaters
  • Solar Hot Water Heaters
  • Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heaters
  • Heat Pumps Hot Water Heaters

We work with following Top brands in Melbourne

  • Rheem
  • Rinnai
  • Boasch
  • Dux

Hot Water System Repairs in Melbourne

If your hot water system is malfunctioning in any way, call Melbourne plumbers from Service Today who will diagnose and repair it. Our plumbers can repair hot water systems that are run on electric, gas and solar energy. Our plumbers are licensed, experienced and have the skills to carry out all types of hot water system repairs. Our plumbers’ vans are loaded with all the essential tools and spare parts; therefore, if any part needs to be replaced in your hot water system, our plumbers can immediately replace the faulty part and ensure that your hot water system functions fine dispensing hot water on the same day.

Hot Water System Replacement in Melbourne

If your hot water system is beyond all repairs due to wear and tear or some major fault, you will need to replace your existing hot water system with a brand new one. Here, if you wish, you can switch fuel type; for instance, you can switch from electric to gas or from electric to solar etc. Service Today’s Melbourne plumbers come in fully equipped vans which include hot water systems of varied types and brands. If hot water system replacement has to be performed, you can choose the hot water system you like from our range which our plumber will show you. As soon as you choose the hot water system, our plumber will replace your old deteriorated system and install the new hot water system ensuring you get hot water on the same day.

Various Types of Hot Water Heaters

Storage Heaters Options:

A storage heater is a tank that heats the water in it and dispenses when needed. Storage heaters are available in different sizes; normally, they begin from 50 litres and are available up to 300 litres capacity. They are obtainable in different types such as electric, solar, gas and in combination. They are obtainable in both internal and external models.

  1. Electric Hot Water System:

Electric hot water system provides a quick supply of hot water. It is vital that you install the right size of the electric hot water system for your requirements to ensure that you only heat the amount of water that is needed by your household, which will assist you in saving energy and money. Larger models are perfect for use where off-peak tariffs are quite less.

  2. Gas Hot Water System:

If you need constant hot water, then a gas hot water system will be ideal for you. Furthermore, gas is a cost-efficient and resourceful alternative. To generate hot water, the gas inside the system burns cleanly, lowering the emission levels, making it eco-friendly. As per your household’s usage needs, you need to pick the right size of the gas hot water system.

Continuous Flow Water Heaters

Water heaters that provide a continuous flow of hot water are powered by gas. They don’t have any storage tank and heats water as and when required. When you turn on your tap, the water will exert pressure on the gas water heater, the gas starts burning inside the heater unit and hot water starts flowing from your tap. When you turn off your tap, the gas will stop burning, so there is no loss of energy. It will only use the energy that is required to produce hot water that you exactly need. Moreover, gas water heaters are compact in size and can be easily set up in places that don’t have enough space. They are available in internal and external models.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar hot water heaters utilise sun’s natural energy to heat up the water. It functions by circulating water via a chain of solar panels that are positioned (generally on a roof) to get optimal sun’s exposure. Solar powered water heaters are an energy-efficient and cost-efficient option.

Heat Pumps

To heat the water, heat pumps make use of renewable energy, though, it doesn’t need panels. Since heat pumps use approximately 1/3rd of the energy than electric water heaters, they can save you significant money on your hot water bills.


If you aren’t able to decide which hot water heater to choose, call Service Today and one of our hot water Melbourne experts will assist you in choosing the perfect hot water system that’s right for your household.

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