Pipe Relining in Melbourne

Without digging up your driveway, can you imagine fixing your dented drainage? We have perhaps heard many incidents wherein plumbers have had to pull up the floorboards or dig up the lawns to change parts of the dented sewer pipe. Traditionally, there was no other option, but with the aid of the modern technology and innovation, those dented pipe parts can be repaired promptly with little difficulty and with trivial to no mark.

Pipe Relining

Without really changing the dented parts of the pipe, they are repaired to function properly – this procedure is known as pipe relining.

How does it function?
Pipe Relining in Melbourne

Inside the damaged part of the pipe, a liner which has been saturated with resin is put in and positioned. Until the resin is repaired, utilising compressed air, the liner is pressed to pursue pipe’s interior diameter. The inflation tool is removed after the resin has been repaired and a new part of the pipe is left bonding to the existing pipe.

Instead of changing a pipe why is it relined?

In conditions where drains are hard to access or evidently uncomfortable, pipe relining is a great alternative to traditional methods.

Main advantages of pipe relining

  • Minimal digging, if required.
  • Slight to no annoyance.
  • Cost-effective – labour and machine costs are far less than traditional repairing practices.
  • Promptly gets installed – most of the procedures are finished within a day.
  • It’s flexible and robust. Diverse systems are designed to suit different applications.
  • On top of it all, Service Today provides a guarantee for 15 years for the relined pipe parts.

We are here for your assistance

Service Today offers a wide range of professional services and pipe relining is just one of the services. If you have an issue with your drainage system, we have the solution for it. Irrespective of your plumbing problem, it may be pipe relining, drain cleaning or replacement, we can guarantee that you’ll obtain the right advice and the right type of work. If you’re in need of pipe relining in Melbourne, call Service Today right away and let the drainage specialists manage your problem by offering you a permanent solution.

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