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Our plumber Geelong team is ready to help you around the clock, with any plumbing problems.

Service Today offers a wide range of plumbing services designed to fix your plumbing problems and keep them that way. If you need a tap repair, a drain unblocked, pipes installed, or anything else, our team of expert plumber Geelong team can tackle it with excellent results. With 24/7 service and competitive quotes we’re the plumber Geelong trusts to get the job done! No more pipes breaking a couple of months after repairs, or your drains clogging up again. We make sure everything is repaired and ready for use before we leave. Call us today on 1300 859 383 for a quote and get plumbing services for your home or business.

Geelong Plumbers – Quality Guaranteed

When you hire a Service Today plumber, you don’t get any old plumbing contractor at your door. Our plumbers are all chosen by us for their skills and professionalism and are ready to deliver outstanding results for all plumbing jobs. Not only are you guaranteed high-quality results with Service Today, but you also get a friendly plumber you can trust to get the job done right the first time. Furthermore, our plumbers are up to date on the latest in plumbing techniques and use a range of high-quality tools and genuine manufacturer parts to get the best possible results. We’re confident in the quality of our services and our plumber’s skills, offering a workmanship guarantee on every job. And on the off chance something does go wrong, you’re completely covered by our insurance.


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Our Plumbing Services in Geelong

As well as general plumbing we offer a wide range of services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. No matter the size of the job, we can provide you with a professional and long-lasting solution. Additionally, we can provide customised plumbing solutions depending on your needs. Our services include:

Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

An underground pipe can be a real hassle to fix without the proper tools. Thankfully our plumbers have the right tools to fix your piping without even having to dig. Using specialized pipe relining methods we can repair the hardest to access pipes without causing more damage.

Leak Detection

If you haven’t had your plumbing inspected in a long time you may have a leak and not even realize it. Our plumbers can check your pipes and appliances for leaks and patch them quickly, ensuring the leaks don’t get worse and saving you money on your water bills.

Leaking or Burst Pipes

Leaking or Burst Pipes

A burst or leaking pipe is the last thing you want. More than anything else, it could cause irreparable water damage to your property. If you have a burst pipe emergency, our plumbers can be there fast to provide an affordable and appropriate solution.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can look like anything from water draining slowly to a complete blockage. To prevent things from getting worse, call Service Today. Our plumbers will inspect the blockage and create a solution that will fix it, preventing future blockages from the same cause.

Hot Water Repairs

Hot Water Repair

Service Today can supply, install, and repair hot water systems. We work with all systems, including gas, solar and electric, and take into consideration the size of your property, the number of people, and how much hot water you use to provide you with the best solution.

Hot Water Repairs

Hot Water Installation

If you need a new hot water system installed call our plumbers today. We can supply and install a new system, or replace your old system if needed. Our plumbers can also provide advice on which system will best meet your water needs.

Tap Repairs

Tap Repairs

If you’ve got a tap that’s driving you insane, our plumbers can be there quickly to fix it and restore peace to your home or business. We often carry all the parts needed to repair conventional taps, allowing us to conduct repairs fast.

Roof and Gutter Repairs

Roof and Gutter Repairs

Leaking rooves and gutters can cause water damage to your property. Our plumbing team can repair your leaking rooves and gutters, replace broken parts restore your roof, and clear out blocked gutters. Trust our team to get your gutters back in perfect condition.

Toilet Repairs

Toilet Repairs

Is your toilet leaking? Maybe it’s stopped working entirely? Whatever the reason, your toilet is broken and needs a professional hand to get it working again. On the off chance, your toilet is completely broken, our plumbers can provide alternative options

Gas Fitting

Gas Fitting

A professional, licensed gas fitter is essential for any gas work. Our plumbers are trained to handle gas installations and repairs correctly, ensuring the safety of you, your family, or your staff. We work with gas piping and appliances.

Servicing these regions within Geelong and nearby areas

Our team offers a whole range of services from hot water system repairs to roof tile replacements and blocked drain cleaning services. These are some of the best services you’ll find in your area. In addition, the team at Service Today is available at all hours at your service. Whether it is leak detection, repairs, installations, or maintenance services, we will be there to fix it.

Why Choose Service Today?

Service Today isn’t known as the leading plumber Geelong for no reason. Book a service with us and discover the difference for yourself!

Same Day Service

Service Today is available for every customer 24/7. However, if you want a general service and want it done on the same day, place call before midday to get a slot on the same day. We are a busy lot. However, your comfort is our priority which is why we try to accommodate your needs before anything. Just make the call at the right time and we will handle it from there.

Lifetime Guarantee

Plumbing isn’t a perfect science, but we work hard to make our service as good as possible. It’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our jobs. Hence, if something does go wrong as a result of our workmanship, we’ll fix it for you again free of charge. So, you don’t have to worry about anything when Service Today is on the job.

Yes We Can!

Every team member at Service Today possesses the “Yes We Can!” attitude towards every job. For us, every job is important and we try to give our best every time. No matter how hard the task is you will always receive top-notch services. Our team believes in providing a friendly service with a smile every time!

Fully Licensed and Insured

Our plumbers are fully licensed, qualified, and professionally trained. They have the skills to deliver excellent service no matter the scope of the job. They’re also friendly and courteous, making sure the job goes smoothly and cleaning up after everything is finished. Our aim is to make your plumbing service as simple and stress-free as possible.

Upfront Pricing

If you’ve ever been burned by less-than-honest plumbers in the past, you can rest easy with Service Today. Our plumbers assess the problem and let you know the cost of your service before they begin working, ensuring there are no nasty surprises down the line. Forget paying by the hour. With Service Today you get what you pay for.

Fully Stocked Vehicles

The team at Service Today believes in providing each and every customer with the finest plumber service in their area. We are always prepared to plunge into the task the moment you call us. It’s why all our vehicles are always well maintained and kept fully stocked with all the required tools and material for any job.

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Why is Service Today the best choice for your emergency plumbing requirements?

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24/7 Rapid Response Plumber Geelong Service

Service Today is your local plumbing expert. You can call us at any time you need our services. Our team offers 24-hour emergency services to customers all over Geelong. We are available at your service all day long. Additionally, our emergency plumber Geelong team is always ready for your call and understands that an emergency needs to be dealt with immediately. Furthermore, we have licensed plumbers who have years of experience under their sleeve come and fix your plumbing for you.

Whether it is a gas leak or a burst pipe, we will get the job done in no time. In the end, our priority is your safety and comfort and we will make sure that you don’t have to face any major problems in the future. Just give us a call whenever there is an emergency and we assure you, our emergency team will be there to help you out. Call us whenever you need us!

Call Now for a Commercial and Residential Plumber Geelong

Service Today has been in the business for over a decade and has a team of carefully selected plumber Geelong who are the best in the business. We have a team of licensed and insured professionals who are aware of all the industry rules and regulations. Our team has several years of experience with different brands of appliances available in the market. We believe in providing you with quality service that is efficient and customer friendly. Furthermore, all our services are reasonably priced and moreover, we are very upfront with our pricing.

Contact Us Today

Our team will always ensure that you are informed of everything we do. From the beginning of the job till the end, we make sure you are kept in the loop so you know what you’re paying for. Furthermore, we are very particular about maintaining the cleanliness of your household or office area with every job. Our team will always clean up after we’re done with the task. This way you don’t have to do anything after we have left. Give our plumber Geelong team a call today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pipe Relining?

Relining is the process of repairing a sewer drain without any digging or disruption to a customer’s home or property. Pipe relining is fully watermarked to Australian standards and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

My water heater has a horrible smell almost like rotten eggs. What is causing it and what do I do?

It is likely your water heater is old and contains stagnant water. Organise a plumber to do a service on the water heater, or a possible upgrade might be needed.

When I have a shower and someone uses a tap at the same time, I lose some hot water. Why does this happen?

Either the hot water system or hot water piping has been wrongly sized to suit your home and circumstances, contact a plumber for a solution in your home.

Should I turn off the water supply to my home if I am going away on a long holiday?

As a precaution, to help prevent a possible burst pipe while you’re away, it is a good idea to turn off the water supply. It is also suggested to have an individual isolation tap which is at the front of the property, separate to the water meter.

Service Today is proud to offer HUMM so you can get your plumbing emergency fixed NOW and pay later. Ask us for more information when you speak to one of our friendly staff.

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