AquaMAX Electric Hot Water System 

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Aquamax LogoAquaMAX is a domestic water heating company that has been serving Australian families since 1988, they are a trusted Service Today supplier and customer favourite and we believe that AquaMAX electric hot water system could be the solution that your home needs, Service Today technicians are experts and can give you the best advice, give us a call anytime!

They provide high quality, efficient electric hot water systems with the company using latest research innovation to continually improve the performance of their products. Service Today knows electric hot water systems, our AquaMAX Electric Hot Water System favourites are below:

AquaMAX Electric Vitreous Enamel 50L-400L

AquaMAX Electric Vitreous Enamel Electric Hot Water Heater 50LThese AquaMAX electric heaters are made with steel external and internally lined with vitreous enamel to keep water hot, saving you energy. They are suitable for most homes with options for anywhere between 50L systems for individuals in small homes or units, to 400L systems for large families of up to 9. All 50L-160L cylinders come with a 5 year warranty, while larger systems of 250L-400L cylinders are warranted for 7 years. Let us help you make the best choice, give us a call today, don’t wait!

AquaMAX Electric Stainless Steel 80L-315L

AquaMAX Electric Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Heater 315LThe AquaMAX Electric Stainless Steel range are the newer and superior line of electric water heaters from AquaMAX, these systems highly energy efficient and have reduced maintenance costs over the life of the unit. Depending on your needs and those of your family, this line can service 1-6 people. All cylinders come with 10 year warranties. We would love to help you get a new AquaMAX stainless steel hot water system installed in your home.

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