Bathtub Remodelling

before and afterHow would you like to give your bathroom a complete overhaul…without renovating?

Until recently, giving your bathroom a fresh new look typically meant you had to renovate it. Renovations are fantastic, however they can be an expensive exercise. Often too expensive to justify.Thankfully, now Service Today has a solution that can give your bathroom that fresh new look, without breaking the bank. It’s called ‘Bathtub Remodelling’.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our technicians inspect your tub and record the measurements.
  • A liner is fabricated to conform to the inside of the existing.
  • The liner is fitted and sealed and the waste is connected.
  • The liner is tested and commissioned.

Whilst you’re getting the bath and shower remodelled, you may also want to consider replacing the following:

  • Old toilets
  • Existing tapware
  • Dated vanities & basins
  • Light fittings
  • Power points
  • Hand & towel rails

How We Can Help

Rather than replacing old and damaged baths and showers in your home, Service Today can install a non-slip, scratch resistant liner that effectively sits inside the existing bath tub, or shower tray. The liner is customised to conform exactly to the size and shape of what’s there, so it’s a ‘tailored fit’, every time.

Often replacing fittings and fixtures will transform your bathroom, so if you’re looking to give your bathroom(s) a ‘touch up’, but don’t want to fork out for renovations, give Service Today a call and enquire about ‘remodelling’. It could be the answer you’ve been looking for!

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