Blocked Kitchen Sink Drain

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A blocked kitchen sink can happen to anyone. If this is an issue you’re facing, you’re certainly not alone. Not to worry, our plumbers are blocked kitchen sink drain specialists! We have a guaranteed solution for all blocked drain problems. A clogged kitchen sink is one of the most common reasons our plumbers are called out to homes across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide suburbs.

Why Is My Kitchen Sink Blocked?

Kitchen Sink drain clearing

The number one, most common reason for a blocked kitchen sink drain is grease. This is the most obvious and likely cause in a kitchen. Small food scraps are likely to be flushed down the sink through regular washing and cleaning. Usually these scraps are small enough to go unnoticed, but over time small food pieces and grease build up and cause a bigger, tougher blockage.

Your sink blockage may first appear as a slowly draining sink. This is the first sign that something is wrong. What you will notice is that when using your kitchen sink, water will not drain quickly enough and the sink may start to fill up. In this instance, if you were to momentarily turn the tap off, the water has enough time to drain, but if not your sink would over flow.

Blocked Kitchen Sink Drain

The only reason for the water in your sink to take any longer than normal to drain is an obstruction in the pipe work. This first stage of blockage is the best time to call a blocked kitchen sink plumber, it is the time where unblocking will be easiest, quickest, least expensive and least disruptive to your home. If you can, don’t wait!

Aside from grease and food scrap build ups, blockages to your kitchen sink can also be the result of larger objects stuck in the pipe work- cutlery or kitchen utensils, (we’ve seen it all!).

Unblock Kitchen Sink with the Help of Local Plumber

Unblock Kitchen Sink DrainOur licensed plumbers have various approaches to unblocking kitchen sinks. In most circumstances, they will use one of three methods; plunger and sulphuric drain acid, plumbers eel, or a high pressure water jet.

In the event that it is not only your kitchen sink drain but also other drains in your home that are blocked, this is an indication that there might be other issues at play. In this case, the only way to accurately identify the real issue is through a CCTV drain camera inspection.

Pipe defects that cause blockages may need to be resolved by a plumber through other methods such as pipe replacement or pipe relining depending on your specific circumstances. The best (and only 100% effective!) way to deal with a blocked kitchen sink is to call a licensed plumber. At Service Today we offer upfront, fixed pricing and same day service, so if you ever get STUCK, book online or call 1300 725 760

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