Blocked Toilet Drain

Blocked Toilet Drain Clearing From $99 Only

Blocked toilets are one of the biggest plumbing inconveniences a homeowner can experience. They are disruptive, worrisome and always ill-timed. If this is an issue you’re facing, you’re not alone. Blocked toilets are one of the most common reasons our plumbers are called out to homes all around Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide for toilet drain cleaning.

Why is My Toilet Blocked?

Blocked Toilet Plumber

Blocked toilets are caused by obstructions. However, unless you see it happen, sometimes you won’t know your toilet is blocked for some time. While in most circumstances a blockage is immediate, others gradually build up over time.

Immediate blockages are characterised by water immediately gathering in the bowl and not flushing back down the drain when the toilet is flushed. Often these types of blockages are local, meaning that they are directly beneath or within the toilet.

A slowly built up blockage will look similar in that the water will fill to the top of the bowl and drain much slower than usual when the toilet is flushed. While these types of blockages can be local as well, they also have the potential to be downstream blockages.

To help you differentiate between the two we’ve put together a list of the most common issues our Service Today blocked toilet plumbers experience.

Items that cause an immediate local blockage may include:


  • Excessive toilet paper
  • Sanitary pads
  • Wet wipes
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Paper hand towel
  • Mobile phones

The following items will not usually block your toilet after being flushed once, but routine flushing may eventually lead to a blockage:


  • Cotton balls
  • Ear buds
  • Wipes (even those advertised as “flushable” can build up if used frequently)
  • Hair
  • Kitty litter

How to Unblock a Toilet OR How to Clean Blocked Toilet Drain?

  1. Plunger- Be sure to cover the entire drain opening for best results or try a flange plunger specifically for toilet blockages. If the blockage is within 1 meter of the drain, there is a good chance a plunger will help.
  2. Call Service Today on 1300 725 760

Clearing a Blocked Toilet

Aside from obstructions like the ones discussed above, toilets may become blocked due to pipe issues further downstream in your plumbing system. The only way to diagnosed this is by having a CCTV drain camera inspection carried out by a Service Today’s blocked toilet plumber. Pipe issues may need to be resolved by a plumber through other methods such as pipe replacement or pipe relining depending on your specific circumstances.


How We Can Help to Solve The Blocked Toilet Drain Problem

The best (and only 100% effective!) way to deal with a blocked drain or to get perfect clogged toilet solution is to call a licensed plumber, at Service Today we offer upfront, fixed pricing and same day service, so if you ever get STUCK, book online or give us a call on 1300 859 383.


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