Dux Electric Hot Water System

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Dux logoThe Dux brand is Australian owned and made and it is a trusted and reliable supplier of Service Today, we love their commitment to reduced environmental impact and their sustainable solutions to electric water heating. Service Today can help you through any Dux electric hot water system installation, supplying and plumbing in any Dux system for you.

Dux electric Hot water systems are a trusted solution for many Australian homes, they have served us for years and can do the same for your family, don’t wait, call us today to find out how. Below are some of our favourites in Dux Proflo Hot Water Systems:

Proflo Electric Hot Water 25L-50L

Dux Proflo Electric Hot WaterThese water heaters are suited to smaller homes. These systems are significantly smaller, while still providing full pressure to a number of taps. These Proflo hot water systems have been designed to be an attractive appliance, additionally you have the option of having the heater installed indoors or outdoors for your convenience, if this is something that you feel could benefit you, give us a call and our technicians can help. The Proflo electric hot water heater comes with a 7 year tank warranty for your peace of mind.

Proflo Electric Hot Water 80L-400L

Dux Proflo Electric Hot WaterThe Proflo® 80L-400L hot water heaters are larger versions of the 25L-50L models. This range is designed to suit larger families with heavier water usage. No matter your family’s usage, one of these Dux water heaters will be sure to suit your needs, Service Today specialises in larger systems and we can give you advice on which best suits your individual household. Additionally all tanks are warranted by Dux for 7 years.

The Service Today technicians are experts and that’s always the best way to go when purchasing a new Dux electric hot water system, call us now or make an online booking and leave it to the professionals!

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