Rheem Electric Hot Water System

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Rheem Gas Storage Hot Water SystemRheem is Australia’s most reliable water heating supplier. The company has been successfully serving families since 1939, that’s almost 7 decades of reliable products! Service Today are a great source for information on Rheem and their electric hot water systems, give us a call anytime if you’d like to know more, 24/7.

Rheem electric hot water systems are designed innovatively and are a great solution for many different households. No matter what your circumstances are we are sure that a Rheem electric water heater installed by a qualified Service Today technician could help you, call us now! Some of our customer favourites in Rheem electric heating are below:

RheemPlus Electric 250L

Rheem Electric 250L Single Element Hot Water System Front ViewThis product is fantastic value for small to medium water using families. The RheemPlus electric 250L is designed to save you money, doing most of the work- heating your water, during off peak energy times. The system comes with the safest temperatures pre set, to ensure safety for every family member. Rheem are proudly Australian made and with a 10 year cylinder warranty this product is one of our most well liked electric water heaters, give us a call today to find out exactly how this system could work in your home.

Rheem 491315 Electric

Rheem Electric 160L Single Element Hot Water System Front ViewThis is a perfect replacement for older electric water heaters, a good investment when upgrading your system. Our Service Today technicians can quickly and efficiently supply and install this for you. This system can run on much lower costs and service anywhere between 2-6 person households. The product has been designed with commercial grade materials and this cylinder also has a 10 year warranty, call Service Today to find out if this upgrade is the best choice for you.

Rheemglas Electric 160L Water Heater

Rheem Electric 315L Single Element Hot Water System Front ViewThe Rheemglas electric water heater is a dependable electric heater, it is ideal for families that are big water users and need fast heating, designed with an extra element. The system helps save money by working during off peak energy times and also comes with a 7 year cylinder warranty. If you would like to speak with a qualified, knowledgeable source before making a purchase, call Service Today now.

We can help you choose the right Rheem electric hot water heater to suit your home, call us today or make an online booking if you would like more information from a trusted source.

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