Rheem Gas Storage Hot Water System

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Rheem Gas Storage Hot Water SystemService Today has relied on Rheem to supply our customers with the best quality gas hot water systems in the industry for many years! We have always had confidence in this Australian company and we think you can have it too.

Rheem are the biggest supplier of gas storage water heaters in the country and leaders in 5 star energy efficient systems. Take a look at some of our customer favourites in Rheem brand water heaters below. If you’d like to speak with an experienced supplier and installer of Rheem products to give you more information, give Service Today a call, 1300 725 760.

Rheem 4 Star Gas 135 Litre or 170 Litre Hot Water System

Rheemglas 4 Star gas RHS 170 hot water heater
Rheemglas Gas 135L Hot Water Heater System HR 347135These gas heaters are adequate replacement for older gas heaters. The 135L Gas Hot Water System is suitable for smaller families of 2-3 people, while the 170L Gas Hot Water System can accommodate larger families. They both have a 4 star energy rating and a reliable 7 year warranty on the cylinder. To know about a very reliable Rheem gas hot water system, call Service Today, our technician can provide you all the information to help you decide if this system is best for you.


Rheem Stellar Gas 330L Hot Water System

Rheem Stellar 330 Hot Water Heater System The Rheem Stellar 330 litre gas hot water system is a premier, 5 star energy efficient water heater. Service Today will proudly install this top range gas hot water system, it is not only great for the environment but it has been designed to be high performance and of the most durable stainless steel to provide your family with hot water for years, 10 years warranty on the cylinder and super flue. This system will comfortably service 2-5 people replacing water extremely quickly as it is used, call us now if you’re ready to make an appointment or if you would like more information!


Rheem Stellar Gas 360L Hot Water System

Rheem Stellar gas hot water systemThis product will meet the needs of the largest family with ease, the Rheem Stellar 360L gas hot water system has the fastest recovery of any water heater of its kind, it can comfortably heat multiple showers at the one time and has a 5 star energy efficiency to save both on your gas bills and on your environmental impact. This product comes with a 10 year cylinder and super flue warranty. Call Service Today to find out how you can get the most out of this superb product.

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