Smoke Alarms Tahmoor

Smoke Alarm Installation Offers

Service Today has experienced and certified electricians who can install smoke alarms in residential and commercial properties across Tahmoor. For the safety of your property, it is highly recommended to install smoke detectors in Tahmoor. Call Service Today on 1300 859 383 for smoke alarm installation in Tahmoor!

Importance of Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms Sydney
  • It is compulsory in many regions of Australia
  • It detects smoke and alert you immediately in case of fire
  • By giving instant warning, it helps to keep your family safe

No matter how small or big the job is we can ensure an excellent service for properties all over Tahmoor at competitive rates.

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Types of Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector consists of two main parts namely a smoke sensor & an electronic horn that alerts people immediately when the smoke is detected.

The two types of smoke detectors used in Tahmoor properties are:

Photoelectrical/ Optical Detectors:

This particular type of smoke detectors continually provides sufficient time to people to escape from smouldering & flaming fires.

Ionisation Detectors:

Ionisation detectors contain radioactive material that ionises the air in the sensing place.

Smoke Detector Installation in Tahmoor

  • Smoke alarms is a brilliant invention that is recommended for every house or commercial property at least one per floor. To install such an important electric device, always call an experienced and licensed electrician from Tahmoor or from your nearby location.
  • Service Today has highly trained and reliable electricians who will install smoke alarms in Tahmoor following all the industrial standards of smoke detectors installation. Normally, smoke alarms Tahmoor are installed in the sleeping areas and in the passage area that connects the bedroom to the exit door of a home property. However, smoke alarms should not be installed in the kitchen area, bathroom and laundry area.
  • Call Service Today on 1300 859 383 for smoke detector installation in Tahmoor! Our services are available all through the year 24/7 continually and we make use of different technologies & tools to attain the highest level of smoke alarm installation in Tahmoor.

Smoke Detector Maintenance Services in Tahmoor

Service Today can provide maintenance service for smoke alarms in Tahmoor in a timely manner - it comprises of checking whether the battery and alarm sound are functioning well. Smoke alarms need to be tested often and cleaned to function well.

Smoke Alarms Cleaning

Cleaning should be performed at least once a year so as to remove the particles that will otherwise influence the performance of smoke alarms Tahmoor. As vacuum cleaner is quite adaptable, it can be used for cleaning.

Replace the batteries of Smoke Detectors

Replacing the batteries annually shouldn’t be delayed. That means when you hear a sound of regular ‘beep’ – this is a warning signal to change the batteries. As there are different brands and types of smoke alarms Tahmoor that’s available in the market, so it is suggested to get help from Service Today’s licensed professional to identify the type of battery you need.

Valuable Tips and Instructions

Service Today also renders some valuable tips and instructions for the long lasting performance of the smoke alarms in Tahmoor. We have found that typically a smoke alarm Tahmoor has a maximum service life of 10 years and then it needs to be replaced.

What to Do At the Time of Electrical Emergencies in Tahmoor

If electrical emergency strikes, right away call Service Today and our licensed and experienced electricians will quickly reach your place to address your needs and to serve you. We’re here to help you 24x7 on all 365 days of the year, so call Service Today on 1300 859 383 for any electrical emergency.

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