Power Points

Power Points Upgrade, Installation And Repair

Electricity is an obvious ‘life necessity’ today. We use electricity to run our appliances, charge our gadgets and pretty soon, we’ll be able to use it to run our cars. There’s not a room in the house that doesn’t require power and where there’s power, there’s power points. Call 1300 859 383 for quick services of power points installation, repair & upgrade.

Service Today’s Power Point Installation Service Includes:

power points installation

  • Repair the current power points
  • Upgrade your single power points with double power points
  • Install the new power points
  • Upgrade the current power points
  • Power points inspection for safety
  • Power points with USB sockets


Power points come in a vast array of styles and types to suit every application, so when selecting the right product for your home, or office, you have many choices. Power Points come in different colours, different materials, different sizes and even different functions.

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How Service Today’s Expert Electricians Can Help?

  • If you have faulty power points that need replacing, or if you’re looking to install some new power points on your property, Service Today are a one stop shop.
  • We’ll help you choose the right product for the right location and of course we’ll install it as part of the friendly service.
  • For example, Service Today can install USB power points in your home, or office, so that you can charge things like phones and tablets with the USB cable. This leaves the power sockets available for other appliances, like lamps and alarm clocks.

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