Vaporooter Drain Cleaning

Vaporooter is our specialised herbicide treatment that gives you a more permanent solution to roots blocking your drain – without damaging your plants and pipes!

Get Rid Of Your Roots Once And For All!

Sick of having to clear your drains of tree roots every couple of months? What if you could get rid of those roots once and for all!

You have probably heard stories of tree roots invading sewerage lines so severely that they cause the pipes to crack and break. Most plumbers will only be able to clear the pipes of roots by using a drain cleaning machine, but this needs to be done every 3-4 months. But now, with specialised herbicide treatment, we have a more permanent solution for you – without damaging your plants and pipes!

What you did not know about tree roots: 

  • The roots will grow back and the drain will re-block again
  • The roots will grow back and will grow thicker, stronger and faster
  • These roots will continue to damage the pipes and will eventually need expensive rehabilitation

Get in touch with the experts from Service Today now and enquire about our Vaporooter services by calling our warm customer service team on 1300 725 760, or book your appointment online today.

*If Service Today are unable to attend the same day, the service call fee is waived if booked before midday.
*If Service Today are unable to attend the same day, the service call fee is waived if booked before midday.
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Service Today Can Help You Out!

Service Today are accredited Vaporooter Australia applicators, which means that our skilled specialists will use long-term solutions to clear your drains of tree roots!

Some of the many advantages of Vaporooter:

  • Annual treatment of Vaporooter will avoid further blockages caused by roots
  • It will remove the roots in the pipe and just outside the pipe without causing any damage to your pipes or plants
  • It is a once-a-year scheduled maintenance treatment that won’t have you scrambling to find a plumber with sudden blocked pipes
  • The performance of Vaporooter is guaranteed in writing by us, the accredited applicator

Call Service Today now for more information about how we can help you out with Vaporooter, by chatting to one of our warm customer service representatives on 1300 725 760, or book your appointment online today.

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What is Vaporooter?

An Established Long-Term Root Solution

Vaporooter is a long-term solution to unblocking tree roots from pipes that has been used for over 40 years.

Not Harmful To Your Plants

In the form of a foam, Vaporooter is a combination of root control herbicides that aren’t harmful to the above plant life.

Cost Effective

Vaporooter is more cost effective than other maintenance methods and can prevent regrowth for up to 3 years.

A No-Dig Technology

With Vaporooter, there is no need to dig up your drain to get to the problem, minimising disruption to your garden and home.

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If you’ve got some pesky blocked drains and you’re sick of having to constantly call for help, Service Today has exactly what you need. We have Vaporooter specialists driving near you in your local area, 100% prepared to get rid of those tree roots in your pipes once and for all – without harming your pipes, your plants or your land.

How does Vaporooter work?

The treatment is applied 8 weeks after clearing a blockage caused by tree roots. Vaporooter will allow you to retreat the line in 12 months without having to respond to an emergency blockage or overflowing sewer. After the roots die, they become septic and soft. This allows ground pressure to close the cracks created by the expanded roots and helps reduce both infiltration and exfiltration. The root mass usually enters at the top of the pipe, forming a vale or tail type structure to capture the nutrients that the tree feeds on. For this reason foam is used to carry the main ingredients, Metham Sodium (killing agent) and Dichlobenil (pre-emergent herbicide), to the root mass at the top of the pipe. This process will ensure the pipe is full of foam and the roots have come into good contact with the foam.

A root growth inhibitor attaches to the surface-active organic materials to inhibit further root cell division or growth for approximately three years. Dichlobenil contains Bentonite clay, that is commonly used to plug up dams. This superfine clay seeps into the cracks and joints in the pipe and repairs the pipe reducing infiltration and exfiltration.

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Suzan Dickson
Suzan Dickson
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Service Today also services air conditioners. Ours had not been serviced for many years and wasn't working very well. The serviceman was careful to cover the furniture below the air conditioner and was efficient and thorough. The air con is working much more efficiently now.
Rick Eastwood
Rick Eastwood
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I hired Service Today as I have used them in the past to replace my HWS which they did the same day as I had reported it broken down. They are very efficient. In this instance I needed a wall mounted TV installed on my Pool patio wall. After quoting within the hour of my call we arranged an install date of today which they honoured and I am very happy with the result. Job No.373071
Carol Collins
Carol Collins
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The electricians Fuad and Chris were very knowledge and did a thorough job. Both were extremely polite and courteous ringing me to let me know their estimated arrival time and keeping me informed of what they were doing to fix my problem. I would definitely recommend this service. Highly efficient and thorough.
Jacky Farag
Jacky Farag
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I had my tap replaced today. Honestly it was a great and seamless experience with the gentleman that came and performed the service. He was super patient in deciding which tap I wanted and was quick to install it. Thanks ! We highly recommend this company.
Robert Frame
Robert Frame
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Very informative & made sure I understood new work. Even better than I expected. I am very happy with tradesmen approach to ensuring all work done correctly before leaving.


What is Vaparooter?

A herbicide treatment pumped a foam into your sewer to keep root growth out of the pipes

Will Vaparooter destroy the roots in my sewer pipes that cause sewer blockages?

Yes, Vaparooter has a herbicide that will destroy all roots it comes in contact with.

Will Vaparooter stop roots from growing back?

Yes with repeated annual applications the roots will stop entering the pipe

How does it do this?

Vaparooter has a root growth inhibitor (Dichlobenil 50W) that attaches to organic material and sterilises the soil where the roots enter the pipe.

Can I apply Vaparooter?

No, Vaparooter is applied with a Mini Foamer machine by a licensed applicator. The machine generates the foam and pumps it into the sewer. The applicator is trained to ensure the pipes are completely filled with the foam to ensure good contact with the roots.

Can I use my plumbing while the application process is being done?

Yes the foam holds the Vaparooter in place and the wastewater flows under the foam

How long does it take to apply Vaparooter?

The application process takes less than one hour but depends largely on the length of the pipes.

How long does Vaparooter take to work?

Vaparooter begins destroying the root immediately. The roots in the pipe, in the pipe wall and just outside the pipe, rot and drop off into the flow. This allows ground pressure to assist closing the cracks and gaps in the pipe caused by the root growth

Why do we have to wait 6-8 weeks after clearing a blockage before treating the pipes with Vaparooter?

When roots are cut out with an electric eel or jetter while clearing a blockage the roots respond very quickly by “bleeding” a sap that assists healing and regrowth. This retards the intake of any chemical for a period of days. When the “bleeding” stops, nutrients start traveling up the root system, promoting growth. After 6-8 weeks fine white root stems have formed that absorb the Vaparooter herbicide very efficiently maximising the effectiveness of the Vaparooter process.

If I have to treat the line annually with Vaparooter, why don't I just wait for the pipe to block and then call a plumber?

Once trees have entered your sewer line you unfortunately have an ongoing problem. Usually sewer blockages occur when the plumbing system is being heavily used. When there are a lot of people at home like school holidays and Christmas. This will result in inconvenience and a costly call out fee to a plumber. Not only that, while you are waiting for the pipe to block, the roots are busy damaging and splitting your pipes open further.

If I have to treat the line annually with Vaparooter, why don't I just have a plumber come on a regular basis to keep the pipe flowing?

The process of clearing a sewer pie, particularly with a rodding machine is an abrasive action on your sewer pipes. While essential to clear a blockage this process can deteriorate the condition of the pipe when ripping and cutting the roots. Each time the plumber clears the roots out of your sewer the plant responds by growing thicker and more vigorously, just like pruning a hedge. This thick growth opens the cracks and joins where the roots enter the pipe. This allows more sewerage to contaminate your soil and attracts more roots into the sewer pipe to enjoy the warm and nutrient rich environment you sewer offers. This reduced the time period between each blockage.