Duct Cleaning

service today manLiving in a country that has some of the highest respiratory related health issues on the planet, wouldn’t it make sense to breathe clean air?

Respiratory problems arise for various reasons and in Australia we’re “lucky” enough to experience most of them. Pollens and grasses are the main cause externally, however internally it’s dust mite. Getting inside is a great way of escaping pollens in the air, however if you’re heading into a home that’s circulating unclean air, you’re effectively throwing fuel on the fire.

Like everywhere else in a home, ducting collects dust. However unlike everywhere else, ducting is not always easy to access and clean. This can cause a build up of dust and a perfect breading ground for dust mite and insects like cockroaches, which means that when your heating or cooling is running, all of those nasties get dislodged and end up firstly in your home and secondly in your lungs.

Common Problems

If you have ductwork within your home, chances are it needs a clean. Some tell-tail signs of ductwork that needs some attention are:

  • Noisy vents
  • Bad odours coming from the vents
  • Dirt, or dust marks around the air vents
  • Sneezing and hay fever like symptoms
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Allergies

How We Can Help

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, give Service Today a call and let one of our trained technicians inspect your ducting. You’ll be glad you did.

Service today have duct cleaning down to an art and this is how it’s done:
With the use of specifically designed duct cleaning equipment, Service Today’s technicians remove all of the foreign matter that’s built up over the years.
Once cleaned, the ductwork is inspected with a CCTV camera to make sure that all of the debris has been completely removed.
Once the ductwork has been inspected and deemed ‘clean’, it’s then sanitised using a non toxic anti-microbial chemical agent.

The result is a dust free, insect free, bacteria free duct, which transports clean, fresh air to your home.

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