Electric Hot Water Systems

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RheemPlus Electric 250L Hot Water SystemElectric hot water systems are a great option for many Australian homes. Whether you live solo, are just starting to expand your family or you have the whole crew at your place, small, medium or large no matter what size your family is Service Today can help you find the best electric hot water heater to make sure no one gets left with a cold shower- ever!

When investing in electric water heater it’s important to know that you’re getting the best quality and the most value- electric hot water systems make up almost 35% of Australian household energy usage! Our Service Today technicians are licensed plumbers and electricians and have the knowledge to guide you makes the right choice for your home.

How Electric Water Heaters Work:

Important things to know about electric hot water systems, these systems store water (heated by electricity) in the tank ready for you to use. They provide full pressure to multiple outlets and depending on the specifics of the unit, they can service as many or as few taps, hoses and showers as you need- no more low pressure showers under a drizzling showerhead!

Electric hot water systems are generally the most inexpensive type of systems to install, and the cost of running them depends on electricity rates, but there is a solution for every budget and every household’s needs.

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems Installation, Repair & Replacement

Electric Hot Water System Repair Our Service Today plumbers can help you make tough decisions easy by providing you with all the pro’s and con’s and most up to date industry advice whether you’re located in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide. Give us a call on 1300 725 760 to discuss your options, and if you ever get stuck without hot water remember that we also offer 24/7 support and emergency services. Our plumbers and electricians are only ever a call away!


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