Thermann Solar Hot Water System

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Thermann_logoThermann solar hot water systems represent forward thinking, reliability and quality. Their solar hot water systems are engineered with best quality materials and specifically designed to last in Australian conditions. Let us install this amazing system and help your family take the next step in energy efficiency with solar power!

This company, like us, have a strong customer focus and are committed to providing great solutions for every home. That’s why we trust Thermann for solar hot water systems. If you want to find out more about how Service Today can install a new Thermann hot water system call us now, don’t wait! Take a look at one of our favourites from the brand:

Evacuated Tube Solar- Electric Boosted Hot Water System

Thermann Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water SystemEvacuated tube solar hot water system is the best of the best. It utilises specifically designed tubes and innovative technology to capture sunlight effectively at all times of the day, no matter the angle of your home and or the sun. For the times where the sun isn’t out, you can depend on an affordable electric tank as a backup energy source. The unit can be installed using 315L, 250L or 400L cylinders. The entire system is lightweight and cost effective to run, and Thermann offer not only a 10 year cylinder warranty but also 15 years warranty on the tubes and manifold.

If you’re still unsure whether a solar hot water system is for you, call Service Today now to get all the information you need to make the switch!

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