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Service Today steps in and supports Share The Dignity Foundation

Share The Dignity is a foundation dedicated to bringing dignity and comfort to Australian women facing domestic violence, homelessness, and vulnerability during the holiday season. Through the ‘It’s in the Bag’ drive, the foundation collects 140,000 bags annually, significantly impacting the lives of women in Australia.

As the numbers of those experiencing physical or sexual domestic violence in 2023 surpass 3 million, Share The Dignity provides crucial assistance to women in need, affirming that they are seen, valued, and supported by their community.

At Service Today, our team has stepped forward with a resounding commitment to this cause. The company and its employees have generously contributed 22 thoughtfully curated bags, filled with essential items such as  toiletries, hygiene products, and personal care items for adult women, teenagers, and mothers with infants.

The item collection period was extended by approximately a month through a collaborative effort involving all departments, including Dispatch, Accounts, Human Resources, Marketing, and the Call Centre at the Headquarters.

Service Today is committed to honouring its pledge by creating pink t-shirts to promote awareness of breast cancer and various initiatives that the company has supported over the years. Some of our partnerships include sponsorship for organizations such as Monash Children’s Hospital, Kids With Cancer Foundation, Share The Dignity, and many others.

The impact of Service Today’s contribution extends far beyond the material items. Each bag is a testament to the company’s belief in the power of collective action to make a tangible difference in our community.

To help make an impact on the lives of women, teenagers and Mum & Bubs, you can become a volunteer or simply donate to Share The Dignity.