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Have you noticed a burnt smell hanging around your home? Be on guard and call Service Today! We’re your expert and professional Central Coast electricians, trained and ready to handle any electrical emergency any day or night.

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The smell of burnt plastic or rubber near your appliances and power outlets is a direct sign that something could be wrong with your electrical system. If this isn’t taken care of right away, it could develop into more serious electrical issues like a power outage or electrical fire – you should call Service Today immediately.

We can safely and thoroughly check your entire electrical system, whether the signs came from only one appliance or multiple power points. We’ve been safeguarding homes from electrical hazards for over 10 years, and we’re grateful to still be serving Central Coast residents today. Our licensed electricians have also been delivering quality assistance for over 25 years, and they still grow their expertise with constant training.

At Service Today, we understand how time is of the essence when your power points or appliances spark. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week, so you can have expert electricians at your door the moment your electricity trips. If you don’t know where the burnt smell is coming from, don’t worry – our professional technicians always carry the best tools and equipment, so they can find the problem for you fast!

Service Today is committed to providing reliable electrical solutions to all Central Coast residents at an affordable price. We offer fixed pricing and flexible payment options! We strive to give you peace of mind, which is why all of our customers receive a lifetime labour warranty with every job. If you need a trustworthy electrician who can get the job done right the first time, contact our friendly customer care team at 1300 725 760!

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*If Service Today are unable to attend the same day, the service call fee is waived if booked before midday.
*If Service Today are unable to attend the same day, the service call fee is waived if booked before midday.
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Emergency Electricians That Central Coast Locals Trust

Backed by decades of industry experience, Service Today are the Central Coast’s most trusted electrical specialists. We take our job seriously, and we make sure to provide excellent customer service from the moment you call. We are professionals, and we’re always here to help you make an informed decision.

For your safety and security, our experts always arrive in the official Service Today uniform, so you’ll always know who’s at your door. Our vehicles are also fully marked with our brand, so you know you’re not opening your house to strangers. For all your electrical emergencies, trust only Service Today and reach out to us at 1300 725 760!

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Our Emergency Electrical Services on the Central Coast

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Fault Detection

Electrical faults can be caused by improper installation, natural disasters, plumbing leaks, storms or poor quality electrical parts. If your lights constantly flicker or you’re experiencing an unusual power outage, our highly skilled technicians can detect, identify and diagnose the fault in your system accurately.

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Surge Protection

Surges are sudden waves of electrical currents that can damage your appliances. They usually develop from external disturbances like sudden trips in your main power line. Protect your appliances from dangerous electrical surges by calling one of Service Today’s licensed electricians. We have various surge protection devices on hand, and we can install them for you quickly.

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Power Points

Have you noticed a tiny spark every time you plug an appliance into any of your power points? If yes, your power point might have moisture inside, worn out, overloaded or short-circuited. Service Today’s experienced electricians can diagnose what’s causing your power points to spark and prevent it from happening again.

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Switchboard Repairs

Switchboards disperse vast amounts of electricity around your home. Once a single part is damaged, your entire electrical supply can be affected. Don’t wait for your switchboard to cause any inconvenience, and let Service Today check it regularly. We repair and replace a wide range of switchboards, so you can depend on us to keep your home safe from any power crisis.

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Full Licensed

Fully Licensed & Insured

If you want credible technicians who can resolve any electrical emergency fast, Service Today is who you’re looking for! All our field electricians are licensed and proficient at identifying and fixing dangerous electrical situations, and they work fast without compromising great workmanship.

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Same Day Service

Electrical emergencies can happen anytime. We’ll drive to your home the instant you call us because our skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our professional electricians will arrive at your home on the same day if you call before noon, emergency or not.

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Lifetime Labour Guarantee

Everyone needs quality electrical services because one wrong move can put your entire family in a crisis. That’s why we extend our lifetime labour guarantee to all our customers. In case you find yourself troubled with another electrical mishap because of our work, worry not – we will cover 100% of the service costs.

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Yes We Can!

Service Today’s certified electricians don’t leave our customers behind! We won’t leave your home until we settle your electrical issues completely, even if it takes us longer than we thought. You can depend on us to permanently get you out of your electrical crisis with our “Yes, We Can!” attitude.

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Upfront Pricing

We value transparency in everything we do, and we always provide fair and fixed pricing for all our customers. We won’t charge you by the hour, but rather per type of service. In the rare case that our technicians take longer to resolve your electrical emergency, the cost we quoted at the beginning will stay the same at the end.

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Fully Stocked Vehicles

We want our customers to save time and money with us. That’s why we always come fully equipped with the industry’s most effective tools. Our electricians drive fully stocked vehicles so they can proceed with unexpected repairs and replacements right away.

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Service Today is Local To You

Do you want an electrician who knows the Central Coast by heart? Service Today can reach all corners of the area, and we can assure you that we will be at your door without delay – whenever you need. We’re your local professional electricians, and we assure you that we only deliver the most reliable electrical solutions in the industry. You can rest easy that your electrical system is in good hands with Service Today.

Service Today Electrician

Expert Emergency Electricians on the Central Coast At Your Service

Whether you are experiencing frequent outages, burning smells, sudden electric shocks or minor sparks, you can depend on Service Today to solve all your electrical problems. We use the industry’s best tools and equipment to investigate and fix your electrical issues once and for all.

We always work with a “Yes, We Can!” attitude and never back out of any challenge. Service Today is local, and we know the entire Central Coast area well, so you can always expect us to arrive on time. We’ve been in the industry for over 25 years, and we know exactly what to look for in an electrical crisis. You can rely on our licensed electricians to handle your electrical system safely and protect your home from dangerous electrical hazards.

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Choose Service Today For Your Electrical Emergencies on the Central Coast

Service Today is a proud member of the Master Electricians Association, a premier network of the country’s most reliable electricians. We always stay acquainted with all electrical standards, processes and technologies so our customers receive long-lasting and reliable results.

If we don’t arrive at your door on the same day you call before midday, we promise you that you’ll get our services for free! Service Today is dedicated to giving excellent emergency response services to Central Coast families and residents. For professional emergency electricians, get in touch with our friendly customer representatives at 1300 725 760.

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Suzan Dickson
Suzan Dickson
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Service Today also services air conditioners. Ours had not been serviced for many years and wasn't working very well. The serviceman was careful to cover the furniture below the air conditioner and was efficient and thorough. The air con is working much more efficiently now.
Rick Eastwood
Rick Eastwood
Read More
I hired Service Today as I have used them in the past to replace my HWS which they did the same day as I had reported it broken down. They are very efficient. In this instance I needed a wall mounted TV installed on my Pool patio wall. After quoting within the hour of my call we arranged an install date of today which they honoured and I am very happy with the result. Job No.373071
Carol Collins
Carol Collins
Read More
The electricians Fuad and Chris were very knowledge and did a thorough job. Both were extremely polite and courteous ringing me to let me know their estimated arrival time and keeping me informed of what they were doing to fix my problem. I would definitely recommend this service. Highly efficient and thorough.
Jacky Farag
Jacky Farag
Read More
I had my tap replaced today. Honestly it was a great and seamless experience with the gentleman that came and performed the service. He was super patient in deciding which tap I wanted and was quick to install it. Thanks ! We highly recommend this company.
Robert Frame
Robert Frame
Read More
Very informative & made sure I understood new work. Even better than I expected. I am very happy with tradesmen approach to ensuring all work done correctly before leaving.


What do I do when the power goes out?

Having a black out can be a real nuisance, but what can you do to try and make this issue more bearable? Here are a few handy tips to prepare you for power outages.

Experiencing a power outage:

  • Turn off any electrical devices and unplug them to prevent any damage to them should a  power surge occur

  • Check your trip switches or fuses in your main switchboard to check for wiring or appliance faults. If your trip switches are in the off position it’s likely that an appliance or wiring fault is the cause of your outage, if you are not comfortable dealing with this it is best to call one of our friendly electricians who can help you out.

  •  Turn off light switches to conserve energy in case the power comes back on and you are not home. If you are staying home, leaving one light on can be a good indicator to alert you that your power is back on.

  • If your trip switches are still in the on position it is likely that this is not an isolated outage. Check your neighbour’s to see if they have also lost power. You can get more information around the outage by calling or going online to your electrical providers site to see if the outage is more than just your home, you can also get estimates for how long the power will be out.

  • Try to keep your  fridge and freezer doors shut for as long as possible to keep your items as cool for as long as possible. Once the power has come back on check that none of your food has spoiled and dispose if necessary.


Being prepared for a power outage:

  • Keep a stock of batteries, torches, candles and matches – making sure to not leave any unexposed flames unattended or close to curtains or flammables in the event of an outage

  • Educate family members on what to do in the event of a power outage

What do I do if I smell burning around appliances or power outlets?

Burning smells such as melting plastic or burned wires, can be a clear indicator that the electrical component in an appliance or your home wiring could be failing. Noticing this smell and acting on it quickly can be the difference between a small issue and a more dangerous concern.

If the smell is coming from an appliance:

  • Unplug the unit and discontinue use

  • If the unit is old it may be time to replace it

  • Call the unit’s manufacturer to see what your best options are


If the smell is coming from an outlet/power point:

  • Unplug anything in the outlet and discontinue use of that outlet

  • Call a Service Today Electrician to come and check your wiring and resolve the issue causing the smell before it turns into an electrical disaster

  • DO NOT attempt to remove the power point cover to see what is going on. Electricity is  a dangerous form of energy and should be dealt with by a licensed professional ONLY.

What do I do when myself or a family member gets an electric shock from an appliance?

Today the after shock or issue from electric shocks from appliances are less common thanks to RCD switches, however homes built prior to the 1980’s do not have these built into them. If you are living in an older home and concerned about the after affects should this type of problem occur speak to our team about getting your switchboard modified.

  • Call an ambulance

  • Keep the injured person still until the ambulance arrives

  • If the shocked person is seizing do not try to restrain them, simply remove any objects that could further injure them from the area and if possible try to keep them in recovery position

  • Unplug the appliance and turn off the main house power to avoid any further issues

  • Call an electrician to come check your wiring and switchboard

What do I do if an electrical fire breaks out?

Electrical fires can be caused by numerous things such as faulty or old electrical outlets, overloaded or exposed wiring, outdated appliances or from storing flammable items near lightbulbs. Experiencing these can be quite overwhelming and its important to remember these handy tips:

  • NEVER USE WATER. – unlike other types of fires, water can fuel an electrical fire and make things worse

  • Call the Fire department ASAP and if someone has been injured make sure to also call the ambulance

  • If possible use an electrical fire extinguisher to put out the fire if you are sufficiently trained to do so, if not leave the site immediately.Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is the most important thing.

Taking preventative measures to minimise the chances of an electrical fire can help keep you and your family safe and give you peace of mind. Service Today offers electrical inspections to ensure your home wiring is up to code and help prevent any issues from arising. Call our friendly team now to learn more about safeguarding your home.