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Service Today’s Plumbing Team has been supporting locals in Tarragindi for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to all our customers. We’re a highly-rated plumbing company that residents trust.

We have an extensive team of fully qualified and licensed Tarragindi plumbers who have the skills and expertise to operate only the best tools and latest technologies. We hire only the most experienced, professional plumbers in the business and are committed to regularly training this ensures we are efficient and be able to complete any plumbing job that comes our way. We can handle even the most complex plumbing systems and provide speedy service for bathroom repairs.

Service Today Plumbing Services promises fixed prices and upfront quotes, with no hidden costs, at competitive and affordable rates. 

We believe in transparency, so our customers are fully aware of the plumbing service costs and know what to expect before any work begins.

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“How do I find a reliable local plumber?”

Before you hire a local plumber, make sure you how to find someone who will do the job well and for the right price. Here are our top tips.
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Ask for recommendations

Start by asking friends, family, neighbours in Tarragindi, or coworkers for plumber recommendations. They may have had a positive experience with a local plumber.

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Search online

The companies that come up high in search results put a lot of effort into their business so you know they will take their work seriously.

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Check the plumber’s credentials

Ensure that the plumber you're considering is licensed, insured and has the necessary qualifications.

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Read reviews and testimonials

Look for customer reviews and testimonials on Google. Check that the reviews are recent and that they don’t look fake (it’s generally easy to spot a fake review because it uses words normal people don’t write!).

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Get multiple quotes

Find at least 3 plumbers that will provide an estimate of the costs involved with your standard or emergency plumbing job. When you compare quotes, look for details about what is included in the services they will be charging you for.

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Ask questions

When speaking with your local plumber, ask a few questions to gauge his knowledge and level of experience. You’ll get a feel pretty quickly if you seems to know what he’s talking about or not.

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Ask for references based on real experience

We know it is hard to find a trusted and reliable electrician. We suggest asking for references from friends or family if they have used the services before, and have a look into our social media channels.

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Review the estimate

Some customers fear that plumbers may overcharge them for their services, especially if they are not familiar with the going rate for plumbing work. This can be exacerbated by a lack of transparency about pricing or a feeling of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors.

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Look at presentation

Presentation is usually a sign of the plumbers or the company's standard and quality. Take a look out if their general branding is consistent with the tradesmen that come out to your home. It is most likely if the plumber is neat and presentable they will be more honest and the work quality should reflect their professional presentation. Service Today employees will arrive in company branded vehicles and are in clean uniform.

“How much do plumbers charge?”

When hiring a plumber, the cost can vary significantly depending on various factors. It's important to be aware of these factors to have a clear understanding of the payment and invoicing methods before agreeing to any plumbing work.

Plumbers don’t always have a standardised pricing approach. Familiarise yourself with the various payment and invoicing methods used by plumbers before committing to any work. This will help you avoid any surprises when receiving the final bill.

Balancing Cost and Quality

Balancing Cost and Quality

Remember, while it's natural to be concerned about the cost of hiring a plumber, it is equally important to consider the quality of service and expertise provided. By engaging the services of a reputable and experienced plumber, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done efficiently and to a high standard. Plumbing is a service-oriented business, where plumbers visit your home or workplace to fix or replace plumbing systems. The pricing structure often takes into account the level of service and the speed at which the plumber performs the work, ensuring a satisfactory plumbing experience.

Additional Cost Influencing Factors

The perception that ‘plumbers are expensive’ is a common one, but it is essential to recognise that plumbers must factor in travel time and general business costs. These expenses include covering bills, paying themselves or their employees, providing training, and having some profit left over. The plumber's charges are also influenced by factors such as the location of the job, the complexity of the work, and the plumber's level of experience.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing plumbing costs and familiarising yourself with the plumber’s pricing structure, you can make informed decisions and ensure transparency in the payment process.

In general, plumbers charge in the following ways:

The service call fee also known as the call out fee

The call-out fee covers the plumber’s time and travel expenses to reach your property. This fee is typically charged in addition to the hourly rate or flat rate for the actual work performed.

Variations in Call-out Fees

Variations in Call-out Fees

The call-out fee can vary significantly, ranging from $50 to $150 or even higher. It's crucial to note that the cheaper the call-out fee or the absence of a call-out fee does not necessarily mean the overall cost of the work will be lower. Other factors, such as the complexity of the job and the plumber's level of experience also influence the final cost.

Extra Fees for Special Situations

In certain situations, such as requiring a plumber outside of regular business hours, during weekends, or on holidays, you may incur an additional fee for emergency or after-hours services. These fees could add up to $480 or more for the service call alone. It's essential to understand and ask about these additional charges beforehand to avoid any unexpected costs.

What to look out for:

  • Beware of companies that don’t charge a call-out fee, as they may compensate for it in other ways or lack efficiency and necessary tools.
  • Ensure transparency in the pricing structure, you can request a breakdown of charges and understand what the call-out fee covers before booking the job.
  • If you are paying a service call fee make sure you are getting value for money. For example: how fast the service can be done or if the plumbers carry spare parts in their truck so they save you time and money overall. The cheapest option may not always provide the best long-term solution.
  • Seek competitive quotes to ensure fair pricing for your emergency or after-hours plumbing needs.


plumber call out.jpg

Plumbers charging per hour

An hourly rate can vary significantly, typically ranging from $65 to $210 per hour or even higher. Factors such as location, experience, and the nature of the work all contribute to the variation in rates.

Minimum Charge Concept

Minimum Charge Concept

Some plumbers may have a minimum charge for their services. This means that even if the job is completed in less time than the minimum, you will still be responsible for paying the predetermined amount. Make sure to inquire about any minimum charges when discussing the details of the job with a plumber.

Potential Issues with Hourly Rates

Potential Issues with Hourly Rates

Charging by the hour can sometimes create an incentive for plumbers to prolong the work unnecessarily, leading to higher costs for customers and a longer completion time.

Service Today's Fixed Pricing System

Recognising this issue, at Service Today, we have chosen a different approach. We believe that charging by the hour is unfair to our valued customers. When the pricing is based on hourly rates, different customers end up paying different amounts for the exact same work.

Instead, we have implemented a fixed pricing system for all our services. This approach ensures that all customers receive the same transparent and reasonable rates for the work required. Our focus is on providing quality service without compromising on fairness or efficiency.

By charging by the job rather than by the hour, we eliminate any concerns about time-related pricing discrepancies. Additionally, having someone constantly monitoring the time can hinder the plumber's ability to focus on delivering an excellent job, as it may create the perception of inflating the bill.

Service Today guarantees a high-quality job by utilising top-of-the-line fixtures and fittings that are built to last. This commitment saves you both time and money in the long run, as you can trust in the durability and reliability of our work.

What to look out for:

  • Clarify whether there is a minimum charge and assess its fairness based on the complexity of the job.

  • Watch out for plumbers who might be taking longer than expected to finish the job, by introducing unnecessary complexities.

Service Today

The Myth: Bigger Companies Cost More

It’s a common misconception that low-priced plumbing companies provide the best value. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, companies that offer significantly lower prices often struggle to deliver the level of service that would justify a higher price tag. It’s a Catch-22 situation, as their low pricing limits their ability to provide exceptional service. To break this cycle, it’s crucial to charge prices that enable the delivery of superior service and then work tirelessly to continuously improve that service.

Transparent Pricing at Service Today

Transparent Pricing at Service Today

At Service Today, we pride ourselves on maintaining a transparent and regulated pricing structure. Our pricing is clearly outlined in a comprehensive catalogue book, which ensures that prices are not fabricated on-site. Regardless of your location or the urgency of the job, every customer is charged the same fair price. We prioritise honesty and ethical practices when it comes to our pricing.

Superior Service and Customer Support

Superior Service and Customer Support

In addition to fair pricing, we offer comprehensive support, dedicated customer care, and a guarantee of quality workmanship. Our fixed pricing model ensures that you receive the same exceptional service without any surprises. However, our commitment to providing top-notch service means that we strive to get the job done right the first time, minimising the need for revisits. In the rare event that further revisions are required, we undertake them at no additional cost. We take every measure to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work and that their plumbing needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Value Over Low Prices

It's important to challenge the notion that low prices equate to superior service. By choosing a reputable plumbing company like Service Today, you can have peace of mind knowing that our pricing is regulated, transparent, and fair. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, customer satisfaction, and ethical practices. Don't fall for the misconception—invest in a plumbing service that prioritises your needs, provides reliable support, and offers guaranteed quality for a fixed price.

Remember, the true value lies in a combination of fair pricing, reputable service, and a commitment to ethical practices. Choose a plumbing provider that embodies these qualities to ensure that your plumbing requirements are handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

What to look out for:

  • Carefully read the fine print to understand what is included in the flat rate or fixed price.
  • Confirm that the agreed-upon rate covers all necessary materials, labour, and potential unforeseen circumstances.
  • If the plumber is giving you a price, make sure the price is printed in a book and that he is not making it up on the site.
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The 6 biggest fears people have when they need to call a plumber

Our customer service team speaks to a lot of home owners and residents, just like you. You might relate to the 5 most common fears we’ve heard people have about hiring plumbers:
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Being ripped off

When it comes to pricing plumbing work for the home owners market unfortunately plumbing prices are not regulated and this does cause cowboys in the market ripping customers off or giving the homeowner the wrong advice. Please make sure the plumber or the company you are using is registered with the master plumbers association and if possible try to obtain 3 quotes. You will be safe using a company like service today as our plumbers are trained, licensed, regulated, registered with the master plumbers association and backed by a reputable company

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A previous negative experience with the quality of the work performed by another plumbing company, may impact customers' credibility. Poor workmanship or unprofessional behavior can lead to damage to their property, additional expenses, or the need for a follow-up repair. With Service Today that won't happen, our team of licensed plumbers has over 50 years of combined experience and has been trained with the best and latest technology and equipment backed by lifetime company labor warranty.

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Customers may be worried that plumbers may not show up when they are scheduled to, or that they may be difficult to reach or communicate with. This can lead to a frustrating and time-consuming experience, particularly if the plumbing issue is urgent. At Service Today we promise same day service, from the moment you book a job with us, you will be booked in our bespoke system and you will receive confirmations and notifications of arrival.

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There is a significant stigma associated with plumbing services. It is quite common to hear that plumbers will leave customers' homes in a mess, with debris, tools, or equipment left behind. This can make it difficult to clean up and can cause stress and inconvenience for customers. Here at Service Today we use trade protection matts when working in your home this assures your home is protected, we also clean up and take away old parts leaving your home cleaner then when we got there. This is how our plumbers are trained and managed.

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Lack of Safety

Many customers' concerns are related to the safety of the plumber and the work being performed, particularly if it involves gas or other hazardous materials. This can include worries about the plumber's training and expertise, as well as the correct use of safety equipment and protocols. Plumbers employed by Service Today go through safety protocols to assure the safety of all customers and employees.

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When hiring a plumber, it is essential that you can trust them at their word. Trust is paramount at Service Today. We uphold a strict code of integrity, providing honest assessments, fair prices, and quality service. When you choose Service Today, you're choosing a plumbing company that you can rely on, where transparency is our top priority.

You can trust Service Today for Emergency Plumbing in Tarragindi

At your door in 60mins

We have technicians available 24/7 to provide fast and reliable plumbing services whenever you need them. With a commitment to prompt service, our team is always available to assist with plumbing emergencies, providing you with peace of mind that your problem will be resolved as quickly as possible.

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94% completed same day

Our team of experienced and highly trained plumbers is dedicated to responding promptly to your plumbing emergencies. With a focus on delivering exceptional service, you can trust that our team has the expertise and knowledge to address any plumbing issue efficiently and effectively.

Support icon

24/7 Phone Support

We’re proud to offer the convenience of 24/7 phone support. It shows our commitment to customers' needs and satisfaction. Customers can reach out at any time, knowing that they will receive prompt and professional assistance.

Van icon

Fully stocked vehicles

Having fully stocked vehicles is a significant advantage for fast on-site service. With a fully stocked vehicle, technicians have access to all the necessary tools, equipment, and replacement parts they need to complete a job on the spot without the delays of having to order parts or fetch them from the warehouse.

Pricing icon

Upfront pricing

We believe in transparency and honesty when it comes to pricing. That's why we offer upfront pricing, giving you a clear understanding of the costs involved before any work begins. With no hidden fees or surprises, you can trust that our pricing is fair and competitive.

Labour icon

Lifetime labour warranty

We take pride in the quality of our work and are committed to ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied. That's why we offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee on all of our plumbing services, providing you with peace of mind that you're in good hands and any issues are handled promptly and professionally.

Get in touch with our customer service team 24/7.

Plumbing services we provide

emergency plumbing icon

Emergency plumbing

We understand that plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, and that prompt action is essential to minimise damage and prevent further issues. Our emergency plumbing service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is designed to provide fast and efficient service when our customers need it most.

pipe relining icon

Pipe relining

Repair damaged or deteriorating pipes without the need for excavation or extensive plumbing work. This innovative technology is ideal for repairing pipes that are located in hard-to-reach areas, such as under buildings or roads, and can save our customers time and money by eliminating the need for extensive excavation or demolition work.

leaking toilets icon

Leaking toilets

A leaking toilet can be a frustrating and costly problem, as it can waste a significant amount of water and increase utility bills. We understand that a leaking toilet is a constant frustration and a priority to be fixed quickly, which is why we offer fast and reliable call outs to ensure that your toilet leak is fixed as soon as possible. 

Tap repair icon

Tap repair

Our team of experienced plumbers is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to quickly diagnose and resolve issues such as leaks, drips, and low water pressure. We understand that faulty taps can be frustrating and can cause significant damage to your property. We offer fast and reliable service to ensure that your taps are functioning properly.

hot water icon

Hot water

We install the latest technology hot water systems and are committed to customer satisfaction and backed by our lifetime labour warranty. Whether you need a new hot water system installed or require urgent hot water repairs, Service Today Hot Water Plumbing is the go-to choice for all your hot water plumbing needs.

roof plumbing icon

Roof plumbing

We can take care of most roofing issues including roof leaks, gutter repairs, roof replacements, and gutter installation. Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or a complete roof replacement, we can help with cost effective, reliable roof plumbing.

strata plumbing icon

Strata plumbing

Service Today Strata Plumbing understands the importance of minimising disruptions and downtime for strata properties whilst ensuring that strata properties have safe and efficient plumbing services. We offer regular maintenance programs, emergency repairs and installation of new plumbing systems. 

Blocked drains

Our technicians can solve any blocked drain issue, including blocked toilets, sinks, showers, and more. Using the latest tools including CCTV drain inspections and hydro jetting to clear blockages and ensure long-lasting results. We offer 24/7 emergency services, transparent pricing for all blocked drain work.

gas plumbing icon

Gas plumbing

Our team of licensed plumbers are equipped to handle gas appliance installation and repairs, gas leak detection and repairs. We understand the importance of safety when it comes to gas plumbing and follow strict protocols to ensure that all work is done safely and to the highest standards, ensuring safe and reliable gas systems.

leaking pipes icon

Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe not only wastes water but can also lead to high water bills and potential damage to your property. Service Today's team of licensed and experienced plumbers can quickly diagnose and repair leaking taps in your home.

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Still have questions that need answers?

Here are some of the most common questions customers ask.

To contact a plumber in Tarragindi for an emergency job, call 1300 725 760 at any time of day or night. 

You can also book a visit online via the Service Today website. Click to book a Plumber and apply a $50 discount to your first booking. You will be able to share the details of your job and also choose the day and time for your plumber to visit your home. 

We are happy to take calls and share our advice over the phone so you can have your plumbing upgraded or repaired.

Hiring a local plumber offers several benefits and advantages. Here are a few reasons why you might consider hiring a local plumber:

Convenience and Responsiveness: Local plumbers are typically located within your community or nearby, making it easier for them to respond quickly to your plumbing needs. They can arrive promptly at your location, minimizing any potential delays or emergencies.

Familiarity with Local Codes and Regulations: Plumbing regulations and building codes can vary from one area to another. Local plumbers are well-versed in the specific requirements of your locality, ensuring that their work complies with the necessary standards. They have a better understanding of the permits and inspections needed for plumbing projects in your area.

Knowledge of Local Infrastructure: Local plumbers are familiar with the unique plumbing systems and infrastructure in your community. They know about common issues that arise in the area and can provide targeted solutions based on their experience working with similar setups. Their knowledge of the local water supply, drainage systems, and potential challenges can be valuable in troubleshooting and resolving problems efficiently.

Support for Local Businesses: By hiring a local plumber, you contribute to the local economy and support small businesses within your community. This can foster a sense of camaraderie and help build a stronger local network of trusted service providers.

Cost Savings: Local plumbers may offer competitive pricing, especially when compared to larger plumbing companies that have higher overhead costs. Additionally, they may have established relationships with local suppliers, allowing them to source materials at lower prices and pass on the savings to you.

Personalized Service: Local plumbers often prioritize building long-term relationships with their customers. They understand the importance of delivering excellent customer service to maintain their reputation within the community. As a result, they are more likely to provide personalized attention, listen to your specific needs, and offer tailored solutions.

While hiring a local plumber can be advantageous, it’s still important to do your due diligence by checking their credentials, licenses, insurance coverage, and customer reviews to ensure you’re hiring a qualified professional who meets your requirements.

Plumbers deal with a vast range of issues within a customer’s property. Anything from sewer issues like blocked drains, smells arising, poor flow or ventilation and breakages can cause sewer to back up and even overflow restricting the use of bathrooms, kitchens and laundries to water services with hot and cold piping including the hot water system, flow restrictions, temperature drops and fluctuations. 

Any property with a water system can be at risk for burst pipes both exposed or hidden where leak detection may be required or roofing issues with gutters, stormwater and pump systems that may need repairs or servicing to ensure water escapes from the property. 

There are also gas issues that arise, where there may be gas leaks on the service or appliances that require repairs, servicing or commissioning for optimal performance, these can be identified through testing of the fixtures or appliances or through air testing for carbon monoxide.

There are different levels of qualifications achievable for Plumbers in Australia, at a minimum a plumber should have completed his apprenticeship or Certificate III and hold a qualified or journymans license. This ensures that they have completed four years of TAFE study and on the job learning giving them the skills and knowledge to complete their works at a high standard and meet Australian compliance.

Following that there is a certificate IV or Master plumbing qualification for both plumbing and gas that requires an additional two years of study and enables a plumber to obtain a contractors license which is the highest qualification attainable.

A plumber is a qualified tradesman who completes installations, repairs and carries out maintenance on the water, sewer, gas, roofing and drainage systems on a property. They are trained and educated in a number of areas including diagnosis, problem solving, quality assurance, estimating and commissioning of all aspects of plumbing.

They carry different types of equipment that assist them with tasks such as leak detection, service testing, drain clearing, excavation, installation and commissioning works that enable them to complete the plumbing job efficiently and correctly. They are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repair of appliances like gas and electric hot water systems, cooktops and PC items throughout a home or building.

A plumber is involved in the construction of infrastructure inside a property that connects sewer, water, gas and stormwater systems to council property which once completed is a functional plumbing system.

A property plumbing system comprises the supply of water to a home or building that is clean and usable to supply fixtures throughout the home including a hot water system that then provides heated water to showers, toilets, tap fixtures and outlets in bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas. 

This water supply once passed through these fixtures then enters what is known as the sewerage and/or drainage system. This needs to be removed from the property by way of common effluent to council infrastructure or through septic tanks and soakage trenches that are common in outer metro areas.

The water and drainage must comply with Australian Standards for things like pipe sizing, correct falls, water pressure and health and safety to ensure occupants are not using dirty water supply, have insufficient or incorrect drainage and are provided with adequate water for the house requirements. 

Gas components in the house or property also carry their own standards that must be adhered to, with town gas supply or mains being provided and regulated through a gas meter the property gas line then supplies fixtures and appliances like, gas heaters, cooktops, hot water systems and bbq’s.

With a home or building comes a roof that collects water from rainfall, this is then removed or stored through rainwater tanks and utilised where possible for gardens and limited water fixtures in the home like toilets or laundry sinks. This is a separate system to the sewer and must remain separate for requirements set by Australian Standards to prevent surging and over supply to sewer systems during a rainfall.

The sizing for the stormwater system is calculated to allow sufficient flow and removal of the rain to ensure nothing floods or falls back into the property causing damages. There are different types and methods of retaining and using rainfall for the benefit of the property that a plumber can identify and discuss.

A plumbing apprentice requires guidance and instruction in the early stages of their apprenticeship, however as they progress through, their ability to complete tasks and works provided under supervised guidance grows and the capacity for them to begin completing jobs on their own becomes a possibility. 

It’s important to provide apprentices with the opportunity to work autonomously and learn how to diagnose, assess and plan works on their own that will prepare themselves for when they complete their apprenticeship and become a tradesman. 

Depending on the nature of the work, apprentices can work alone and remain supervised remotely once they demonstrate capabilities adequate and are provided with instructions of work to complete. These works then are reviewed and signed off under their supervising tradesman.

Plumbers can diagnose and identify causes of dishwasher failures, relating to plumbing this may be in regards to a blocked waste pipe, poor water flow or connection or pressure issues. There are components inside a dishwasher that may require an appliance repair specialist to attend in relation to internal elements, pc boards etc. 

A dishwasher may provide error codes that can indicate with the use of the owner’s manual what the issue may be. It’s  important to have a plumber attend to diagnose and identify if the issue is unknown as most commonly its a blocked outlet that will cause the dishwasher to go into error mode or potentially a restricted supply issue.

A plumber is most capable of moving a water meter. In order for a water meter to be moved the pipe is required to be frozen shut using liquid nitrogen to enable the plumber to cut the pipe before the stop tap and join onto it so it can be relocated. 

The most common reason of requiring a water meter moved is if a new driveway is being installed or a fence is being built in that location.

Plumbers can not install fire sprinklers. The sprinkler system is installed by whats knows as a sprinkler fitter. However the plumber can install the fire protection system which provides water to the sprinklers like the fire hydrant booster. Plumbers can also install fire hose reels, fittings and water storage facitilites for firefighting and extinguishing purposes

Yes, a plumber can fix water hammer. Water hammer is a common plumbing issue that occurs when water suddenly stops or changes direction in the pipes, causing a loud banging noise. 

This can result from high water pressure, quick closing valves, such as those in washing machines or dishwashers, or from loose unsecured pipework in the wall. 

Ways in which plumbers fix these issues include reducing water pressure, installing water hammer arrestors and securing loose pipework where accessible.

Yes, one of the most common day-to-day tasks of a plumber is to unblock drains.

Plumbers are trained in dealing with a number of different types of drain blockages which can occur in sinks, toilets, showers or even main sewer or storm water drains. 

Various types of tools and equipment are used to clear drains depending on the material and size of the drain pipe. Plumbers can use tools such as plungers and augers to clean smaller drains or equipment such as water jets and electric eels to clear or clean larger diameter pipes. 

CCTV drain cameras are commonly inserted after the drain has been cleared to inspect the drain to identify the cause and location of the problem inorder to provide a permanent solution.

Plumbers employ a range of tools and techniques to detect water leaks.

Using simple methods like a visual inspection or complex equipment like accoustic listening devices plumbers are skilled in identifying and locating water leaks in various parts of the plumbing system.

Leaks in showers or broken drains are often identified using non toxic drain dye or fluorescene This method will not locate the leak but more so confirm the area or souce of the leak.  

More complex or hidden leaks are located by pressurising the pipework with an inert nitrogen gas and is used along with acoustic listening equipment to listen for the leak and attempt to pin point the area within the wall or ground.

Leaking pipes in a home can cause significant damage if left unaddressed, so it’s important to know the signs to look out for. The following are some of the main signs of leaking pipes in a residential property that our plumbers point out to homeowners and tenants:

  • Damp or discoloured walls or ceilings: Leaking water can often cause dampness or discolouration on walls and ceilings.
  • Musty odours: Standing water can produce a bad smell that is often noticeable in a home.
  • Increased water bills: A leaking pipe will waste water and cause an increase in water bills.
  • Low water pressure: A leaking pipe can cause a decrease in water pressure throughout your home.
  • Sounds of running water: Even when no taps are running or appliances are in use, the sound of running water could indicate a leak.
  • Mould growth: Excess moisture from a leaking pipe can result in mould growing on the walls and floor
  • Puddles or wet spots: Water puddles or wet spots in areas where there should not be any water are clear indicators of a leaking pipe.

It’s important to address any signs of a leaking pipe in your home to avoid further damage to the property and potential health hazards. If you notice any of these signs, contact Service Today. We will send an experienced plumber to take a look at your home and let you know what will be involved with a fix. 

Taps can leak in a home for a variety of reasons, such as worn-out washers, damaged O-rings, or corroded valve seats. When these components fail, water can seep through the faucet and make it drip.

To fix a leaking tap, a plumber will typically disassemble the faucet, inspect the components and replace any damaged parts. This may involve replacing washers, O-rings, or the entire cartridge. Your Tarragindi plumber may also clean the valve seat and reassemble the taps and valves, making sure all parts are properly tightened and sealed.

In some cases, Our plumber may need to replace the entire tap if the damage is extensive. 

It’s important to address a leaking tap promptly to avoid wasting water, increase in water bills, and potential damage to the surrounding area. A licensed plumber can identify the cause of the leak and provide an effective repair solution. If you notice you have a leaking tap, contact Service Today. We will send an experienced plumber to take a look at your sink and let you know what will be involved with a fix. 

Your plumber may identify an issue with the pipes that run under your property. If this is the case, the answer to whether you need to dig up your garden to fix a blocked pipe depends on the specific location and cause of the blockage. 

In some cases, a plumber may be able to clear the blockage using specialised tools such as a drain snake or hydro-jetting equipment, without having to dig up your garden.

However, if the blockage is located deep underground or the pipes are very old and badly damaged, excavation may be necessary. In this case, your plumber will need to dig up a portion of the garden to access the affected pipes and make the necessary repairs.

Even if digging is required, the right plumber from Service Today can minimise the damage to your garden and restore it to its original state as much as possible after the repairs are complete. To determine the best course of action for your specific situation, contact Service Today to request a plumber to perform an inspection and provide a professional assessment.

If you have a bad leak in your home and you are waiting for your emergency plumber to arrive, you can take action to minimise the damage. The following steps can help you to manage the situation:

  • Turn off the water supply: If possible, turn off the main water supply to your home to stop the damage from getting worse.
  • Turn off electricity: If the leak is near any electrical outlets or appliances, turn off the power supply to the area so you’re not at risk of electric shock.
  • Clear the area: Move any furniture, appliances, or other belongings away from the leak so they are not standing in water
  • Contain the leak: Use buckets, towels, or whatever else you can find to contain the water and prevent lasting damage as much as possible.
  • Document the damage: Take photos or videos of the damage for insurance purposes or to share with your landlord.

Service Today provides plumbers in the <suburb)area to help with emergency leaks. Give us a call and we will be at your place as soon as possible to take care of the problem.

If you live in Tarragindi we have plumbing services in your local area to provide rapid response. So if you ever experience any plumbing issues, we can have an expert plumber sent to your home that day. We always deliver on our brand promise and are committed to delivering quality customer service – today! Call us before midday to receive quality, same day service from our plumber.

As a testament to our culture of delivering quality workmanship, we back all our work with a lifetime labour guarantee. In the unlikely event a defect is found as a result of poor workmanship, Service Today will endeavour to repair the issue, replacing any parts necessary.

The answer is maybe. Hot water systems generally have a lifespan of around 10 years. But with proper maintenance, they can last much longer. Servicing your hot water system every few years can help to keep it in good working condition and prevent expensive repairs down the line. It can also help to identify any potential problems before they become serious.

Emergency plumbing issues can include clogged drains, burst pipes and sewage backups. These problems can occur at any time and can cause extensive damage to your home or business if not addressed immediately. If you’re ever faced with an emergency plumbing issue, the best thing to do is call a local Plumber from Service Today right away.

Hot water systems stop working because of malfunctioning or damaged components, such as a faulty thermostat, pressure valve or heating element. In some cases, the system may also be affected by leaks or burst pipes, which can cause water damage and pose a safety risk. If this is the case, call a us today. 

To fix a broken hot water system at your home, a professional plumber or technician will need to diagnose the issue and carry out repairs or replacement of the affected components. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire system if the damage is extensive or if the system is old and inefficient.

Is your hot water system broken? Contact Service Today. Our plumbers can diagnose the issue with your hot water system and repair it as necessary. 

See why over 215,000 happy customers trust Service Today for Emergency Plumbing.

Sue Rixon
Sue Rixon
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New toilet suite and new IXL 3 in 1 installed. This was tricky as the correct size had to be especially ordered but the speed and efficiency was amazing. Both the plumber and the electrician were friendly and took pride in their work. I'm very satisfied.
Alexandria Lancaster
Alexandria Lancaster
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These guys are sensational! Have had the out to sort out both my ducted air con and do some plumbing. All three guys Andrew, Yousef and Dwayne were all highly professional, prompt and polite. The works completed were of a very high standard and left my home neat, clean and tidy. Will definitely be recommending these guys to friends and family.
Hazel Perkins
Hazel Perkins
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A great experience cannot believe how fast the response was. Left message on a Sunday afternoon re outside tap to be replaced and a hose link to be installed. Was so surprised I got return message within 10 mins. On a Sunday. We organised for someone to call next day. David serviceman was very professional and helpful. Did a great job explained everything I have had difficulty when wanting small jobs done getting someone to call. This was so easy and quick. Thank you. I even arranged for quote for airconditioning check Great service
Caroline Gosal
Caroline Gosal
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Very responsible and good Communication. Dealing with Lucas and his team were amazing. My client want to install bidet in 5 of her bathroom in Melbourne CBD. And Service Today was delivered a great job with good Plumber,Electrician and tiler I would definately recommend Service Today to my Friends and family. Thank you Service Today. You guys are 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Steven McCullough
Steven McCullough
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A pipe on our hot water system burst and I happened to have passed Byron whilst he was on another job up the street. He was only too happy to help, so I called the very friendly and efficient Caroline to book a job and they were able to allocate the job immediately. Byron was professional, friendly and extremely quick to diagnose and resolve the issue. Will recommend to everyone I know and was very glad Byron happened to be in the area!
Rad Arapovic
Rad Arapovic
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SENSATIONAL / FANTASTIC...any powerful & positive descriptor is applicable. Craig and Mario came in, assessed the issue with the shower drainage and toilet flow, and set about rectifying the problem. Their attentive, straight talking no BS approach, ensured they resolved the issue with minimum inconvenience and to our expectations. Boys were good natured and highly professional. Fees were very reasonable and they were happy to be contacted should we need further advice. Wonderful experience and highly recommended.
Naomie Sable
Naomie Sable
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Jesse attended my house within 4 hours of me calling Service Today plumbing and electrical, I needed several things attended too immediately and lots more needed for my house too be my home, Jesse fixed all my matters that needed attending too immediately and came back the next week as this was my choice of days and installed and fitted, light fittings, power points, fans, exhaust fans and bathroom light and exhaust fans. Darren, Dan, Dave and Ben were all professional, on time and very easy too work with on what I needed and wanted. I will not be going anywhere else for any of my services needed other than Service Today. Thankyou for my dream bathroom and kitchen installations .
Helaine McGrath
Helaine McGrath
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We had a house fire, insurance couldn't get anyone out, I called Service Today and they came out the following day we booked the job with them and they came the following day and my partner and I were happy with the price. The guys were great and a lovely and helpful response from the receptionist. I will happily use them again and recommend them.
Meredith Perry
Meredith Perry
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The service from Service Today was exemplary, from the initial phone call to the first prompt attendance by a plumber to identify the problem, and then the actual installation of a new hot water system by another plumber the following day. The old system was taken away and the work site left clean and tidy. We were impressed with all aspects of the excellent customer service provided by Service Today and thoroughly recommend the company.

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