Leaking Tap Repairs

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Dripping taps are an annoyance that need not be tolerated! Not only are dripping taps painfully frustrating, they’re also a waste of our planets most valuable resource… water!

Common Problems

Service Today’s skilled technicians service and replace all types of taps every day of the week, so if you’re currently putting up with any of the following symptoms, we can put an end to it for you:

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  • Taps that drip
  • Taps that leak around the handle
  • Taps that don’t open all the way
  • Noisy taps
  • Taps that cause ‘water hammer’

There are typically four types of taps commonly seen in Australian homes today and they all experience different problems from time to time.

  1. Jumper washer taps.

    These taps have a washer inside that over time wear out, causing the tap to drip. Washers can be replaced, along with the o-rings and the spindles can be lubricated to make them open all the way up and work like new.

  2. Mixer taps.

    Mixer taps are like the taps you’ll often see in a kitchen. They have a single lever on them that control both the hot and cold water flow. Instead of washers, these taps are slightly more complex, comprising of a series of parts that are all designed to work in unison.
    These taps can be repaired, however due to purchase costs, it normally works out cheaper to replace them with brand new ones.

  3. Half turn & quarter turn taps.

    As their names suggest, these taps control water flow when rotated either 90, or 180 degrees. They have a series of seals that over time wear out, resulting in dripping, or leaking. Again, these taps can be repaired, or replaced, depending on make and model.

  4. Sensor taps.

    Sensor taps operate by allowing motion to signal water flow. You’ll commonly see these in restaurants and bars, however they’re becoming very popular in homes as they’re very hygienic due to dirty hands not having to come in contact with the tap in order to deliver water.
    These taps have an electrical component to them and can often be somewhat more complicated to repair than the other types.

How We Can Help

Regardless of the type of tap, or its condition, Service Today are very experienced in both repair and replacement. If your taps need some TLC, give us a call today and let us get them working the way they should be.

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