5 Ways to protect your home from robbers

5 Ways to protect your home from robbers

Australia has experienced a growing crime rate, including an increase in house robberies and grand theft auto. More often we are hearing about customers homes being ransacked and stripped of valuable possessions.

We understand how important it is to Australian residents that they feel safe in their own homes and personal spaces. That’s why we have compiled a basic list of household, must-haves to ensure that you are not a victim of theft.

Assure all doors are secure

This sounds overly simple, but the majority of the time an unlocked door is the number one method criminals will use to enter your home or steal your vehicle. Investing in high-quality door locks can save you thousands later on and will give a piece of mind.

Assure before going to bed that all your doors and windows are locked, your car is locked and your keys are in a safe location.

locked car

Install outdoor sensor lights

Automatic outdoor light sensors are a simple and cost-effective security measure. By installing some motion-sensor lighting fixtures you will brighten up your outdoor areas with some energy-efficient and high-quality illumination, so you can leave your worries behind.

The lights will shine when detecting any movement, both alerting the homeowner of movement and deterring criminals.

sensor light

Get a dog

We understand this tip isn’t for everyone, but every dog owner will assure you that they will alert them of the mailman let alone a criminal on your property.

Dogs are a great security measure for all homes, providing alerts and deterring criminals. It is important to train your dog to respond to appropriate threats. Otherwise, they may attack a friend or family member.

Security dog

Install an alarm system  

Installing an alarm system in your home will assure that no one will enter your home without you being notified.

These are great options for night protection and empty homes during holidays. These alarms system can notify police and security companies when set off and will scare criminals.

Service Today is here to help you take extra precautions for your home and family’s security so that your mind can always rest easy. We provide home security solutions and services and expert alarm installations, so you never have to worry.  

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Install a CCTV camera system 

Getting your CCTV camera system installed by professionals will give you full home coverage and remote viewing. The mere presence of security cameras is a deterrent for criminals.

For the ultimate security package that is guaranteed to increase your home’s security and make you feel safe in your space, just get in touch with Service Today about installing a security camera system now. We provide all types of home security solutions and services to residents in Australia, so you never have to worry about any threats. 

Our master electricians can supply and install a wide variety of security cameras that are perfect for every type of home and area. Whether you need wet weather-resistant cameras, ones with HD video resolution, ones with rechargeable batteries or cameras that also have motion detection sensors, Service Today can help you monitor any area of your home – both indoors and outdoors.

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Service Today

Whether you’re searching for motion sensor doors, remotely-controlled home security alarms or outdoor security cameras, Service Today’s premier electrical services have got you covered. We’ll help you watch over your home so that you never have to feel unsafe or insecure again. 

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