Educating Kids concerning Safety around Electricity

There are some ways through which you can educate your child regarding the dangers of electricity as well as some of the things which you can perform to keep them safe.

Best Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe From Electrical Hazards

Educate Kids About Electrical Safety

You’ll get numerous children’s books, which describe how different things work differently, so find some time to visit a library near you or a bookstore and see for yourselves what’s available. In this digital age, you’ll also get abundant helpful information online over the Internet, which includes kids’ websites dedicated to home safety topics and educational sections on certain websites pertaining to electrical contractors exclusively speaking to children regarding electricity.

Making educational material entertaining is one of the finest ways to present information to young kids, so utilise the material that you find, in an enjoyable way. Find best tips for using electricity safely and educate your children about them. You can make a colouring-in competition, a memory game, a quiz show etc. When they are having fun they will be more willing to learn what you are trying to teach them and won’t feel any type of pressure.

Demonstration of Electrical Threat

Yes, demonstrating the threat is always the best method. Take your child to a museum where the kid will get a chance to see electricity in action. Nowadays, most of the modern museums have hands-on displays for children wherein they can precisely deal with the components of science and nature. A common display wherein they can just twist or turn a handle and create a small electrical charge is a simple way to educate kids concerning electricity.

Static electricity i.e. electricity produced by friction is another method. Demonstrate to them what occurs when they rub their shoes over the carpet and then touch their hair. If they feel a tickle in their fingers, they may begin to get a feel of what electricity is all about.

Rules – How To Act Around Electricity in the Home

Once children are mindful of what electricity is, it is a good idea to teach children some rules concerning how to act around electricity in the home. These can include:

  • Refraining from touching electrical appliances without parental supervision.
  • Refraining from touching light switches or electrical appliances with wet hands.
  • Refraining from poking pointed objects into electrical sockets or toasters.
  • Refraining from climbing a tree or flying kite near overhead power lines.
  • Refraining from climbing the fence at an electrical substation to recover a ball.


Certainly, kids don’t pick up things the first time they are taught a lesson, so to remain on the safer side, consider taking the following safety measures around your home:

  • Get RCDs (residual current devices) installed at your home, which will cut the power instantly in an emergency.
  • Always keep all electrical appliances safely away from little hands, out of their reach.
  • Put child-proof covers on all electrical outlets while your child is very small.

From all electrical accidents that happen in the home, approximately a quarter of them happen to children under the age of 15, so imparting knowledge regarding electrical safety to kids at the earliest possible opportunity should be a priority for every parent.

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