How to Know When It’s Time to Have Your Hot Water Checked

Frequently, we come across a question is how to identify when to check the hot water if a problem exists.

Several reasons exist a hot water tank needs to be replaced, whether it is for one of the mentioned reasons or only for a fact that a new hot water tank would be more effective and economical, therefore saving you extra money.

A hot water tank must give you hot water. If it is not heating the water up, or not heating up the water as good as it used to at that moment, you must consider it that it is not doing its work any longer. Likewise, if you discover that the gas pilot keeps turning off, this also is a sign that presently something is going wrong.

Therefore, the best way is to maintain the hot water facility and make sure it is available, the hot water should be checked, be it in taps or in appliances. So that any emergency situation can be absconded.

Generally, a leakage from the appliance or if water is unable to drain through a drain valve may be a signal to get the hot water checked. But, at times a bacteria also develops in the hot water storage tank that leads to a lot of disturbance. These are some of the most common hints to direct, that it’s time to have the hot water checked.

Age of Water Heater

When the water heater gets old, its chances to break down also increases. The rule of thumb for water heater tank is that it approximately lasts for 7-10 years on average. If you have installed electric water heater it usually last 9 to 10 years, whereas a gas water heater possibly will have a comparatively diminutive lifecycle of 5 to 8 years.

Nevertheless, if the water heater lasts 10-year point, there would be a blameless chance that it may start leaking. So it’s time to substitute the unit. Read our post on Pros and Cons of Gas Vs Electric Heaters

Rust & Corrosion

Once in a year, you need to check the boiler for any rust. Most of the water tanks are prepared using steel and sooner or later it will caught rust. You possibly will notice rust in the hot water by means of drawn from the tap. When you discover rust by the temperature and compression release regulator, and/or the water inlet and outlet joints, it indicates that the boiler is rusting and requires inspection. Fortunately, if the tank has not started to leak, it will happen and it is merely a matter of time.

Damage Drain Valve

As the time pass residue forms and settles down at the base of the tank. If you are using a gas water heater, you possibly will notice a popping sound as soon as you ignite the burner. Nevertheless, irrespective of the fuel source, residue building-up is a problem equally for gas and electric water heater. After a few months, the residue build-up will start deteriorating the inner sheet of the tank, and it may perhaps block the drain valve.

More likely the residue possibly will spread across and the point comes when the tank could not be drained.

Tank starts leaking

When the tank starts leaking you may not have any option. Normally the leakage is caused due to deterioration of internal material and in most of the cases, it is irreparable. You need to find out the source of leakage and if its origin is tank itself, you’ll be left with no option and eventually you have to replace the tank.

Replace or Repair

Hot Water Heater CheckRepair a Hot Water Heater System

If you have finally determined that your tank is damaged but it may be repaired. You will eventually call a professional plumber; however, before hiring it you need to ask him the following questions:

  • What would be the cost of the indispensable repair?
  • What would be the expected life after the repair?
  • What will cost you if you buy a new water heater (including the plumbing service)?

Using this information, it would be quite easy for you to decide whether you need to repair the hot water heater


In order to reach a decision to replace the tank, you need to consider a few things.
Are you going to replace the water heater with the existing type? Or it is the time to consider the switch to the tank less technology.

Was your tank meeting the current household needs or it the time to replace with a larger tank. If you are going to replace your water tank or you find some issues in your water tank and you would like to fix them, hire a professional and licensed plumber services rather than doing it yourself. You might ruin your tank completely while fixing the issues because you are not a pro and it’s better to always hire a professional Bass Hill plumber to avoid any trouble and getting your job done safely.