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Key Electrical Tips for Computer Network Infrastructure

Computer Network Infrastructure requires effective planning according to the needs of the organization, cost-effectiveness, the latest technological trends, and future compatibility. The common aspect that connects all these requirements is electrical configuration. So planning and managing the computer’s electrical system is of utmost importance.

To begin with, contact your local electrician to install electrical hardware that protects your computer network from electrical failures and faults like voltage surges, faulty wires and sockets. Otherwise, any electrical mishap can result in system damage, loss of data and ruin of electrical equipment.

Key Electrical Considerations for a Computer Network

Think Ahead

Nowadays, electrical wiring is done inside the walls unlike it was done in the past. The old buildings don’t have the latest electrical wiring option, and hence, it becomes a tough job to manage computer network infrastructure.

Therefore, future projections should be kept in mind while planning for setting up a computer network. Moreover, with the latest technological inventions, it becomes obligatory to install electrical elements that are compatible with the devices. For example, audio-video facilities in different rooms that are connected to different computers in a network.

Your electrical solution should leave enough room for future innovations and support any innovation in technology. So think ahead and plan before you implement any upgrade.

Surge Protection

Electrical surges are the most common cause of equipment damage. A surge occurs when there is a buildup of electricity due to an interruption in the line that is released suddenly afterwards. A surge may occur due to external sources like lightning or due to the usage of electrical equipment at home.

Most of the electronic equipment contain microprocessors, including computers. These microprocessors are sensitive to voltage fluctuation and even a 10V change damages the processor. Therefore, surge protection should be a priority for protecting computer networks.

Surge protection can be provided at two stages:

  • First, it is provided at the main fuse board. It secures your home network from any surge spike that can enter through the main power grid.
  • Secondly, surge protection at the point of power supply for computer systems.

Surge protection is crucial because a surge can destroy the motherboard, and cause hard disk failures and power supply failures. In the case of any hiccups, an emergency electrician in Sydney from Service Today is always available for your help.


It is the most secure way of protecting your computer network. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) provides electricity backup in case of a power loss and prevents sudden shutdown of your computer. Investing in a UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology is a wise option.

It increases voltage in the case of shortage and vice versa. Thereby, it keeps the electricity supply in the optimum range of 110-120V. Invest in a UPS with AVR technology for securing data from the glitches of power failures.

Overloading Issues

Circuit Overloading can lead to electrical fires if not checked. It happens when more current is passed through the wire than it can handle. If a circuit breaker is not provided, it can result in a hazard.

Call up your local electrician to check the power requirements of the computer network who can install precautionary equipment for handling overloading problems.

Save Electricity

Electricity is a necessity and valuable resource that should be used wisely. All systems should be operated on Balanced Power Supply mode that saves electricity.

Moreover, turn off devices and disconnect them from the power supply when they are not in use. It saves electricity costs significantly.

With all these considerations, your computer network can stay safe from electrical hazards and turn into a viable system. For all the planning of computer network electric systems, surge protection services and solving overloading issues, 24/7 electrician services are available from Service Today.