Let Service Today Customer Be A Winner!

Owning a home is the result of many years of hard work and dedication, as all homeowners know your house needs regular upkeep to stay looking and functioning the best that it can. If you’re a Service Today customer, you’ve chosen to put your trust in our hands. For our Total Care Club members, your lifetime membership means that if something goes wrong- ever, our technicians will be there and repairing in no time giving you peace of mind for life.

Over the time that you’re with us, you’ll be entitled to THOUSANDS of dollars in discounts, but when the time comes for a big purchase, whether that be upgrading your air conditioner, replacing a hot water tank, or any other significant purchase, we want to offer our loyal customers something in return…

A chance to win $80,000 worth of prizes!Let a Service Today Customer Be a Winner!


Service Today are proud, ongoing supporters of the Kids with Cancer Foundation. The Kids with Cancer Foundation is one of few national charities who pledge 100% of direct donations to be passed on the rightful recipients- struggling families of kids with cancer and the children’s hospitals where they are treated.

This charity prides themselves on keeping the management fees, salaries and other running costs of their foundation separate from the “gift account” where their donations are received. In 2016, with the help of Service Today and many others, Kids with Cancer managed to raise over $1million for kids in need.

We love what they do and we love supporting this fantastic cause. One of our favourite ways to help them raise funds is through raffle ticket sales on behalf of our customers! Not only does this mean we get the chance to be constantly donating (they draw three major raffles each year!) but it means that our customers are in with a chance of winning $80,000 worth of prizes! Here are some of our favourites that are on offer for the next lottery to be drawn April 13th 2017!

Toyota Hilux with Kedron Top Ender
Family Holiday To Hawaii
ducati motorbike
Ducati Motorcycle

Visit Kids with Cancer if you think you can help, and if you’re lucky enough to draw the winning ticket (or any of their other great prizes!) let us know, we’d love to hear how you spend your $80,000!