meet the team: joseph and naomi

Married at First Shift: Joseph and Naomi

In the bustling world of home services, where every call and message counts and every appointment matters, there exists a powerful couple that keeps the operations running smoothly behind the scenes.

Meet Joseph our Warehouse Manager and Naomi our Electrical, Heating & Cooling Dispatcher in the Service Today office. Joseph commenced his role in mid-December and within 4 months transitioned into his current management role, while Naomi joined us just two months ago when the dispatcher position became available.

Naomi’s previous job was relocating further north and it was her husband who encouraged her to apply for this dispatcher role at Service Today. She had previous work experience in a dispatcher role but was not keen on travelling that far.

Our Brisbane branch opened in July 2023, and since then our team has been growing, adding new licensed plumbers, electricians and expanding the heating and cooling team.

joe training

Busy from the moment you walk in

Naomi and Joseph recognised that their roles are quite busy. Naomi, in her role as a dispatcher for Electrical and Heating and Cooling jobs, mentioned that as soon as you walk into the office, the day becomes busy. She’s the person who maintains constant communication with the technicians throughout the day regarding jobs, assists with online bookings, calls customers to schedule them for the day or future dates.

As for Joe, he recently completed his training as a Warehouse Manager, so now he’s starting to feel comfortable in the role itself.

Working with your partner

For most of us, working with your partner might be an issue, but not for Joseph and Naomi. The married couple is happy to share not just their house but also share the workplace which has been called a blessing by Joe. The reason is simple for him: “We make a great team, and having that connection from home already, we found a way to transfer it to the workplace.”

When asked to share their formula for making this work in the office, Joe mentioned, “establishing boundaries early has benefits”, while Naomi recommends not discussing work much outside of work and keeping it professional.

Having known each other for more than 30 years, the most rewarding part of working together for this powerful couple is being able to utilise each other’s strengths in achieving work goals.

After a long day together at work, it might be hard to disconnect from what happened in the office, but being back at home with their kids, catching up with them, and taking them to their activities while also trying to sneak off for a coffee without  the kids is the best way to unwind for Joseph and Naomi.