Pros and Cons of Gas vs Electric Heaters


As the winter chill descends on Australia, it’s time to drag your heater out of storage. Despite our relatively warm climate, the thermometer dips everywhere in Australia and you’ll need to combat the cold. Customers often ask our Service Today team for advice on the best way to heat their homes and how to do it without the huge bills. To assist you in deciding which option is best for you and your home, we’ve put together some pros and cons of gas and electric heating to help you keep your temperature high and your bills low.


There’s no shortage of options when it comes to heating your home with electricity. Whilst electric heaters are portable, cheap and easy to install, they are generally not the most energy efficient way to keep warm this winter. Ideal for small spaces or personal use, we’ve listed the pros and cons to going electric.


  • Electric heaters are normally quite portable and cheaper to buy.
  • They’re a great option if you’re only heating a small small space, for a short period of time.


  • While these heaters are great for keeping you warm, they’re not ideal for keeping the whole family toasty.
  • Electric heaters are energy hungry beasts, so before you start heating make sure you’re using the right heater for the right space.

In short: Electric heaters are a good option for small spaces.


There are several options available for heating with gas as well as some safety considerations to be aware of. Australian standards and government regulation limit the level of emissions a heater is allow to expel, however, it’s always recommended that you keep the room ventilated when using an unflued gas heater.


  • Gas can be a great option for warming your home, particularly if you have a large space to heat.
  • Gas is better for the environment.
  • A flued gas heater is safe to use and a highly effective way to warm your home.
  • Carbon monoxide and water vapour issues are easily solved by sending the fumes outside through a flue or pipe.


  • Gas produces small amounts of waste product including carbon monoxide which is potentially harmful.
  • Gas also produces water vapour which can lead to condensation and potentially mould.

In short: Gas heaters are a great option, we recommend a flued gas heating solution.

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