The best ways to keep your home secure this holiday season

Break-ins have increased for the first time in over a decade, with nearly 200.000 households experiencing a break-in over the last 12 months. According to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), only 32.5% of Australians use security cameras to protect themselves against burglary and only 16% with home secure alarm systems.

With the holiday season around the corner, many of us are busy with shopping and planning our trips. While we enjoy the festivities, it is important not to forget about home security, especially while we are away. To help you rest assure, the Service Today Home Security team has compiled a list of the top seven security tips.

Invest in a home security system

Modern security systems offer a wide range of features, including a surveillance camera, motion detectors, security alarms and even sensor lights. All of these systems can be monitored remotely through your smartphone in real-time, providing you with updates and alerts.

Secure your doors and windows

Burglars are using doors and windows as their primary point of entry to your property. Ensuring that all the key points are secured by installing high-quality deadbolt locks, window locks or reinforced strike plates. Upgrade your windows to impact-resistant glass or laminated glass, which will add more security and difficulty for intruders in their attempt to break into your house.

Don't leave spare keys outside

Despite that it might sound obvious, some people have a spare key under the doormat or plant pot in the front door, which are common places for burglars. Before going away on holiday, be sure that you have removed all your spare keys from the outside of your property.

Maintain your garden and lawn

Overgrown bushes and trees can provide cover for burglars. Consider installing motion-activated outdoor lighting to illuminate those dark areas around your house. Trim back your vegetation around entry points to eliminate hiding spots. Schedule the next time your gardener will do the maintenance, to keep the same status of your house while away.

Install smart home technology

In the last couple of years, home security has evolved with smart home technology. Doorbells with built-in cameras allow you to see and interact with visitors remotely from anywhere in the world through your smartphone.

Smart lighting and thermostats can be scheduled to give the appearance that someone is home. Be intelligent and don’t set them to turn on at the same time, burglars can notice that.

Establish a neighbourhood network

Building a strong sense of community within your neighbourhood can be a powerful detriment to crime. Knowing that neighbours are looking out for each other can provide an extra layer of security. Let them know the dates you will be away, so they can keep an eye on your property and alert you if something happens.

Arrange mail and package deliveries

Having a pile of uncollected mail or packages on your front door can be a sign that no one is home. If you are planning to go away for a couple of weeks or a month, arrange for a family member, friend or a trustworthy neighbour to collect your mail or packages. You might want to have a look at some delivery companies, including Australia Post, that offer options to schedule specific delivery times.

We know that you can never be too safe when you leave for a holiday, but don’t let the stress of the festive season take the holiday spirit from you. Implementing these simple measures will create a safe environment for you and your family while you are on a well-deserved vacation. 

If you are interested in exploring your home security options, you can easily book an appointment online with our team of licensed technicians. However, if you already have a house alarm system, surveillance cameras, or sensor motion lighting installed and want to ensure that everything is in good working condition, don’t hesitate to contact Service Today Home Security. Our experts will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.