5 Valuable Tips to Avert a Plumbing Disaster in Holiday Season

If you’re inviting some of your friends to stay with you this holiday season or holding a grand Christmas party – in either of the case, if you’re anticipating your home to be crowded with guests this lively time of the year then more likely you’re going to give your homes’ plumbing system a tough time as it will have to work harder than what it has been habituated to, which demands some decent prior planning. Certainly, you wouldn’t want your guests to be distressed due to leaking taps, burst pipes, clogged drains or cold showers because of hot water system failure.

Plumbing problems

Quickly glance over the five valuable tips mentioned underneath to avert a plumbing disaster in the holiday season and avoid the occurrence of calling an emergency plumber.

  1. Have your plumbing system inspected in advance

It is not practical for you to check for the impending leaks – it may be an unanticipated hot water system failure or burst pipes. Therefore, in place of making a service call when an unwanted plumbing emergency astonishes you during your holidays, it is better to have your home’s plumbing system checked by a professional so that you can have peace of mind because you know that there is no imminent plumbing adversity waiting for you.

  1. Does your hot water system operate properly?

If your house is full of guests, don’t be amazed if you keep running out of hot water daily. Your home’s hot water system will be under substantial pressure during the holidays as it will be involved in washing dishes, taking long hot showers and also doing the laundry. Ideally, you should try to turn the temperature a bit higher (but it should be below 125 degrees) before you start the party so that your guests will get hot water when they need it.

  1. Take care of your toilet drain

You should ensure that your toilet is not being used as your dustbin; for instance, items like sanitary napkins, kids’ toys, cigarette butts (i.e. tiny parts of cigarettes that are left after smoking) shouldn’t go down the drain and should be disposed of in a waste bin.

  1. Avoid putting a lot of pressure on your bathroom drains

If you have many guests at your home, it also means too much use of the bathroom for showers and cleaning. Try giving the showers timeout of at least 15 to 20 minutes gap so as to let the drains do their job. Hair is one of the major reasons of blocked drains in bathrooms so it is a good habit to use a drain strainer to catch those shiny hair curls. To avoid fat and grease from building up, once in a while spill a mixture of vinegar and salt into the drain. Know more about 3 easy ways to find out the blocked drains

  1. Remain cautious of things going down your kitchen drain

One of the most common problems is the blocked drains and they can really harm your holiday mood. To prevent this annoyance from occurring – you should not let oil or cooking grease flow into your pipes and drains as it is inclined to harden and cause the main clog. Furthermore, throw off vegetable peels and leftovers, table scraps into the waste bin. In case, your guests are assisting you in the kitchen, request them to do the same.

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We heartily wish you and your family a splendid holiday season ahead!