Why Are My Lights Flickering And What Can I Do

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

Whether you have a single flickering light or lights fluctuating around your whole home, flickering lights can be a nuisance and finding the cause can be difficult! The fix could be as simple as changing a light bulb to needing to call an electrician to replace the wiring. To help you find your problem and know what the correct solution is, here are some of the common sources of flickering lights!

Why Are My Lights Flickering And What Can I Do

Loose plug

A loose plug may be a simple reason for flickering lights and the good news is the solution for this cause is easy! Simply check that the plug is firmly in the wall socket and if the plug is damaged in some way, you may need to replace it.

Problem with the bulb

If the light is flickering, this might be an issue with the bulb. Firstly, you need to check that the bulb is screwed in tightly (and correctly). Sometimes the bulb hasn’t been screwed in all the way or it’s been screwed incorrectly or on an angle so the connection is not complete. If you have checked this and ensured the bulb is secure and the flickering still persists, this may be an indication that the bulb needs replacing or that it is not compatible.

Faulty switch or dimmer

A poor or weak connection between the bulb and switch can be the cause of flickering lights. To test if this is the cause, try wiggling the switch or toggling the switch on and off. If the flickering changes or stops, you have found the source of your problem!

Overloaded circuit

If you have multi appliances running at the same time or large electrical appliances, this can cause a pulling of large amounts of current that your system may not be able to handle. This can then cause low voltage in your lights, resulting in flickering.

Fluctuating electrical voltage

Slight fluctuation is normal but inconsistent large fluctuations can be a sign that your system has voltage issues. Some signs include:
– lights flickering when you turn on a large appliance
– unpredictable and unexpected dimming of lights
– lights burn out frequently

Why Are My Lights Flickering And What Can I Do

Outdated or faulty wiring

Loose or outdated wiring isn’t just the cause of flickering lights, it can also be a safety hazard and may end up causing electrical fires. A key sign of this issue is if the lights are flickering around your home and not in an isolated area.

Why Are My Lights Flickering And What Can I Do

Problem with the meter box or main service cable connection

If your home is in a neighbourhood or you are in a unit block, it is likely that you share a transformer with surrounding homes or units. This means that your electrical supply is tied to their respective loads. If your neighbours are using large amounts of electricity this can cause your lights to flicker or dim.

When it comes to fixing flickering lights if you have electrical experience, some of these causes may be an easy fix. If you don’t have electrical experience however, we recommend that you call your local electrician. A qualified electrician can help you to quickly and correctly diagnose the problem, and solve it in a timely manner.

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