5 Best Shower Heating Solutions to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

Bathroom Heating

Bathroom heating is VITAL in many Australian homes.

Luckily it is not required all year round, however, during the months of June, July and August, extra bathroom heating provides the necessary warmth to be comfortable. The bathroom is the room where many of us start and end the day, so it pays to make it comfortable year round. Winter is just around the corner and we want you to be prepared. Check out our top 5 bathroom heating solutions right HERE!

1. 3 in 1: Heat, Vent, Light

Every bathroom needs ventilation to remove steam before it has the chance to condense. Whether it’s simply an open window or an exhaust fan, moist air needs to be removed to avoid mould, mildew and even structural rotting. That’s why the 3 in 1 heat, vent and light system works great! Instead of having a vent a light and a heater, all three are combined into a single unit. This allows you to save on costs and space. These systems heat effectively through the use of heat lamps and can be installed by a licensed electrician in most Australian homes, call us to make a booking today!

2. Heated Towel Rail

Heated towel rails are another multipurpose approach to bathroom heating. These rails will dry and warm your towels as well as heat the space. Heated towel rails come in different sizes, with the ability to hang a single towel or up to 8 towels depending on the model. This method of heating is best suited to smaller spaces but will also warm medium sized bathrooms. The best part about these is that you’ll only need to ensure you have the wall space for it and we can install one for you!

3. Radiant Strip Heaters

Radiant strip heaters work by heating and thus warming the air around them. Simply plug in or hardwired, these heaters can last many years if cared for properly. They are a great solution for many types of bathrooms new or old. Strip heaters can be installed at ground level and packed away in the warmer months or wall mounted out of the way (depending on the unit). They come at various price points and are sure to provide exactly what many homes require. Contact our team if you think a strip heater is a perfect solution for your bathroom.

4. Central Heating

Central heating can be gas powered or a split system air conditioner delivering to each room through vents or ducts. It is most common in suburbs with wider temperature ranges, but a cost effective long term solution to heating in the winter. In some cases, a home will not have a duct in the bathroom. Depending on your system this may be able to be connected. If you hadn’t thought about central heating before, check out our gas heating page, or air conditioning page for information on split systems. Call us to have a licensed Heating and Cooling Technician visit you for more information today.

5. Underfloor Heating

If you’re after ultimate comfort, consider underfloor heating in your bathroom. Underfloor heating works by having heat radiate from underneath bathroom tiles and rising to fill the room. This is a perfect solution for rooms where cold tiles are an issue in winter. However, this one may require some forward planning. It’s the most cost effective to instal when a home is constructed, as the system is laid out beneath the flooring. Depending on your build, underfloor heating may still be an option even if your house has already been completed. Contact our expert plumbers in Bossley Park for more information on installing underfloor heating in your suburb!

Those are our top 5 bathroom heating solutions for winter. Call us anytime 24/7 to find out more information on any of these or book online now, stay warm!