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Beat the rising cost of household electricity

Electricity costs have increased nationwide by up to 24% and are tipped to increase even further. Service Today’s Electricians have compiled some practical ways for you to save on electricity with a few simple but effective changes around your home.

1. Shop Around

Shop around energy companies to get the best deal and compare rates. 

Australia’s Government have put a website where all homeowners and tenants can make their own research and compare the rates offered by different energy companies in their area. Look for competitive pricing, bundles and the most favourable terms for your needs.

2. Change appliances

Appliances can account for around 25% of the home energy use. Just switching to most energy-efficient appliances saves power, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lowers your utility bills. 

By choosing high energy star-rated models for optimal performance, you will have less electricity usage; so if you are thinking to buy a new microwave, fridge or washing machine you should consider: 

  • the best size for your needs.
  • the cost of running the appliance compare to other models.
  • the most energy and water efficient model.
These three elements can help you to avoid the rising cost of household electricity.

3. Switch off & Unplug

Did you know that many appliances continue to use energy even when switched off? The reason behind this is they are still in standby power mode.

You can minimise power drain by unplugging devices and using power boards with switches. Before leaving your home or going to bed, make a quick visual inspection and turn off lights, ceiling or bathroom fans, and appliances when not in use. You won’t see a massive impact in the next quarter, but in the long run, this can save money considering that the rising cost of electricity might go even higher in the future.

4. Natural lighting & ventilation

Considering that from Sunday 1st of October we will be back to daylight saving time in Australia, we can maximise natural light by opening curtains and blinds, reducing artificial lighting. 

Moreover, if we open windows in different rooms at the same time to make a wind current throughout the house, that can help for ventilation. Otherwise, you can use fans for ventilation instead of air conditioning when the weather allows.

Natural Lights on Household to save electricity

5. Efficient water usage

Hot water systems contribute to a significant portion of your energy bills. Consider using low-flow shower heads, fixing any leaks promptly, and reducing the temperature of your hot water system to conserve energy around your house. 

Another alternative is to consider a heat pump hot water unit which uses natural energy and outside air to heat your hot water system by heat pump technology, there are also government rebates for heat pump hot water heaters, speak to our licensed plumbers for more information.

By incorporating these practical tips into your daily routine, you can take control of your electricity bills and lower your overall energy consumption. Remember, even small changes can add up to significant savings in the long run.