Blocked Drain: Early Warning Signs You Need To Know

Don’t wait until your toilet won’t flush or your sinks are overflowing, find out if you’ve got a blocked drain looming right now! As experienced Baulkham plumbers, we know the symptoms of a blockage, and we want to share them with you. Like with many plumbing problems, addressing small blockages before they get worse can save you a big headache and money! Here’s are three things you should keep an eye out for when it comes to a potentially blocked drain.

Slow Drains

A slowly draining sink is one of the first signs of a blocked drain. This is one symptom that will often get pushed to the back of a homeowners mind, but if you see it do not ignore! Unfortunately the longer you leave a slow draining sink, the worse a blockage will get. Particularly in the kitchen where food scraps end up often end up down the drain. This blockage WILL get worse. If you notice this first sign, take action. With the smallest obstructions, a plunger might be all you need. However, If a plunger doesn’t help, contact a licensed plumber in Brookvale to unblock your drain. Act sooner rather than later, Service Today is here to help!

Noisy or smelly

A blocked drain will likely cause the pipes to rattle or shake as water tries to drain. If a drain is blocked locally, the noise will sound like it is close. If the blockage is further downstream, you might notice the same noise when using multiple sinks or showers around the house. A blocked drain will act as a trap for anything that ends up in your sink. Water, hair, paper, anything! It will continue to build up on top of a blockage making it bigger and bigger the longer you ignore. This can produce a strong smell that you might notice around the toilets, showers, bathtubs and sinks. If you can hear or smell your plumbing, something is wrong! Contact a plumber to investigate as soon as you can.

Toilet water levels

A blocked drain can affect the water in your toilet. When you flush, you may notice water rising higher and take longer to drain, or you might see lower water levels in the bowl. Either way, these are both clear signs of a blockage. Toilets should always flush at the same speed. If there is a change in how yours drains, there is a problem. When it comes to bathrooms in particular, you do not want to wait. A severely blocked toilet is messy and very inconvenient.

Blockages don’t usually happen overnight. They build up slowly but surely until you have a plumbing emergency. The best way to avoid this is to be vigilant. Keep a close eye on the plumbing in your home. If you notice these signs, act immediately. Don’t let a small clog turn into a big headache. A licensed plumber in Bossley Park is the solution to all your drainage needs. Contact our plumbers 24/7 or book online today.