Braemar Space Heaters: The Smart Heating Solution

With summer well and truly behind us, it’s time to start thinking about ways to keep your home warm this winter. Australian homes seem to have a love affair with open-plan living and while large open spaces look fantastic, they’re often the hardest and most expensive to keep warm. When it comes to heaters, our team have installed and serviced their fair share and if there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that not all heaters are created equal. In our opinion, if you’ve got a gas connection, Braemar Space Heaters are definitely the smart heating solution. Service Today Managing Director, Zak Saboune, shares his experience with space heaters.

Space Heating Specs
Gas space heaters work by taking cold air and pushing it through a heat exchanger. Using gas combustion, space heaters then push the warm air back into the room. The thermostat inside the space heater senses and regulates the temperature, making it smarter and more energy-efficient than your average heater.

Gas Is Greener
Braemar space heaters are the smart choice in heating. Not only does smart technology keep your running costs low, but heating your home with natural gas also helps to keep greenhouse gas emissions under control. Natural gas space heaters have the lowest carbon emissions of all other types of space heating so talk to our team about greener gas options.

Freshly Flued Air
A major selling point of the Braemar space heaters is that they’re flued. Unlike most unflued portable heaters, a flued heater means that all the nasty fumes are pumped outside, making Braemar a safer, smarter heating option. One of the major risks of using an unflued heater is carbon monoxide poisoning. To avoid this, you would need to leave doors and windows open which essentially means that your heater is working harder and costing you more to run.

Safety First
With no nasty fumes in the air, Braemar is one of the safest heaters you can use in your home. The Service Today team never hesitate to recommend them because they’re easy to install and maintain. We’re often asked what makes a heater superior and in our opinion, it’s the little things that count. Braemar heaters are designed so that the outside of the heater is always cool to the touch and they also come with child locks which makes them a family-friendly option. Safety switches ensure that the heater doesn’t overheat and the added cosy convenience of a remote control is the ultimate extra touch.

Service Today offers interest-free finance options on all Braemar heaters, so give us a call or jump online to chat with our friendly plumbers and we’ll help you choose the right space heater for your home. Staying toasty is easy with Service Today.