electric vs gas heating

Electric vs Gas heating, Know what’s best for you

Electric vs Gas heating 

Service Today has been the industry leader in the Australian heating and cooling sector for near a decade. We are well versed in this topic, and as such, this is not our first article regarding electric vs gas heating. Our previous articles include:

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Since our last article, the electric heating market has seen a boom. It is important to stay up to date with the latest changes in pricing and safety within the industry. These changes can be attributed to: 

Our experts at Service Today have decided to revisit this topic to compare gas heaters to electric heaters. There are many factors that may affect which form of heating is best for you and your home. Discuss your options with your local tradesman.

Electric heating

Electric heating is a great option for homes. It’s a new age heating method that is safe, reliable and aesthetic. Electric heating can be powered by recycled energy and is favourable to many due to its cleaner emission appeal in comparison to gas heating. 

Gas heating

Gas heating is a great option for homes and businesses alike. It’s a safe, reliable, and efficient heating method that’s been used for more than a century and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. You see, gas heating has a few unique benefits that make it a popular choice among homeowners and businesses due to how cheap gas heating is to run and how effective it is at heating a large area.

What costs more to install Electric or 
Gas heating?

The first step is to determine if your home is capable of housing either an electric heating system or a gas heating system. This can create a vast difference in installation costs. Speak to a heating and cooling professional about your home and needs. They will be able to create you a cost-effective heating plan.

The installation of gas heating is a more expensive process. Especially if your home does not have an existing gas connection. Electric heating systems can be installed for a more cost-effective pricing point. It also does not require a specific connection for the house to possess prior (besides an electrical connection).

Gas heating cost

What costs more to run Electric or Gas heating? 

Energy bills will fluctuate depending on usage and on what devices are currently installed and being used in the home. Though on average electric heating tends to be more expensive than gas heating. It is true that gas prices have risen in the past decade this is also true for electrical prices. There are factors that will make electrical heating potentially cheaper, such as your home using renewable energy like solar power this could be a consideration for decreasing your cost.

Which is safer Electric or Gas heating?

Like most appliances in the home, safety considerations should be taken for the operation and maintenance of the heaters to ensure longevity. The incorrect use of these symptoms can result in devastating malfunctions. If you are under the impression that your system is malfunctioning contact an expert heating and cooling specialist for an inspection.

Both heating methods present their own potential hazards. Electrical heating possesses a low risk of electrical fires. Gas heating poses low risks of carbon monoxide leak affecting air quality and the potential of gas combustion. Making electric heating the safer option. Though both new-age electric and gas systems are very safe overall, considerations should not be based on this factor solely.

Electric and gas heating warranty

It is common for heaters to come with a warranty condition of service. This changes brand to brand, though electric heaters tend to require maintenance more often to maintain a warranty. It is highly recommended that this mandatory maintenance takes place as it will ensure longevity and safety for your heating system. Always ask your tradesman about the warranty conditions of your heater.

gas heating warranty

Comparing the systems


Electric Heating

Gas Heating

Cost of installation



Cost to run 




Low threat of electrical fire

Low threat of carbon monoxide leak and combustion


Needs more frequent service to follow the warranty 

Needs less frequent service to follow the warranty 


The performance of each heater is dependent on the area of the home that is being heated. In general, an electric heater will work best when warming smaller indoor areas. Gas, however, is capable to distribute heat in larger spaces and outdoor areas.

Either heating symptom will be a fantastic addition to your home. Contact service today to discuss what heating system would be best for you. Our experts are up to date with the latest in electric and gas heating products and installation.

Choosing a plumber

Choosing the right heating for your home can be tricky. You need to consider the capacity, size and access you have. At Service Today we make heating simple by taking out the guesswork. 

Our friendly team of plumbers and technicians will take the time to guide you through choosing the perfect heater for your home. Call us 24/7 or book online. If you book online, we’ll take $50 off the price! All of our work comes with a lifetime labour guarantee. For a heating company that you can rely on, contact Service Today.

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