Heat pump rebate

How to get paid for saving power (Heat pump rebate)

Heat pumps and energy rebates

Researching what hot water system is best for your home can save you thousands of dollars. Getting paid to save power sounds like it’s too good to be true. But by installing energy-efficient systems in your house and participating in Australian energy rebate schemes, this is exactly what will happen. This article will teach you to get paid to save power through heat pump rebates.

There are multiple different hot water systems that can be installed in a home. The main difference between these systems is their source of power. Common hot water systems use gas or electric power, and while this is still very effective and widely used, it is not as energy efficient as heat pumps.

For energy-efficient systems such as heat pumps, you can seek a rebate for the purchase and installation. These symptoms also save on energy costs. On average, households expect to save $110 annually on energy bills and the average business can expect to save $3,700.

There is no hot water system that is overall best. Choosing a hot water system for your home depends on the needs of your household.

Some popular hot water systems include:

hot water system

What are heat pumps?

In basic terms, heat pumps use renewable energy to heat water without the need for solar panels. It works like a reverse refrigerator by transferring heat from the air outside of the unit into the water stored within through a heat exchange system.

Heat pump hot water systems have a lot of benefits over traditional water heating systems. They’re incredibly cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and they pay themselves back over time through energy savings. They’re an excellent investment if you’re looking for a new home hot water system.

It’s true that a heat pump’s initial purchasing price is more expensive than a typical gas hot water system. Though with rebates and yearly savings you will inevitably make your money back. The exact costing will differ depending on usage, system’s brand and location.

Although the initial cost of a heat pump is higher than a gas hot water system, it has a less expensive cost to run thus saving $225/year and an average of $3,375 over its 15 year lifetime.

If you have solar panels installed in your home, the electrical bill will be cheaper, thus saving you more money. The higher the water usage, the more money a heat pump will save your household.

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Rebates for Heat Pump Hot Water System

Rebates are financial payments commonly provided by the government to create incentives for households to invest in renewable energy sources in their homes and businesses. These rebate incentives exist in Australia for all households that will adapt to using a heat pump water system.

Government rebates and assistance

heat pump rebate

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

STCs are rebates available throughout Australia. The purpose of these STCs is to assist in the initial cost of your home’s new heat pump hot water system. An STC is a measure of renewable energy that can then be exchanged for a discount on the heat pump purchase price or even a cash payment.

Each STC represents a megawatt-hour (MWh) per year of electricity displaced by an eligible system. To ensure STCs are valid, they must be created within 12 months of the system being installed.

Latest updates of small-scale technology certificates

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs)

In Victoria, VEECs are available as rebates. Each VEEC represents a single tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent abated by the eligible system carrying out a specified energy-saving activity. If you are replacing a gas system with an electric system, no VEECs are available.

Victorian energy upgrades program

STC Rebate Zones

Australia is divided into five zones based on how much renewable energy can be generated by a solar collector system in a given area. The zone where you reside and are installing the heat pump will play a factor in the rebate amount.

Air source heat pump STC calculator 

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