Smoke Alarms – the facts to keep your family safe

How often should I change my Smoke Alarm Battery and General Maintenance

Did you know that the risk of a fatality in a home fire is halved if there is a working smoke alarm in the residence?

Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe at home. Smoke alarms are an essential part of the home to keep your family safe especially during the Australian summer bushfire season. A functioning smoke alarm helps to give you and your family enough time to safely evacuate in the event of a fire. 

Want to know more about smoke alarms and how to maintain them? Here are Service Today’s answers to some of the top questions people regularly ask about their smoke alarms.

How often should I change my smoke alarm battery?

The answer to this question depends on the type of battery you have. For example, if your smoke alarm has a removable battery, it is recommended that you replace it once a year. Smoke alarms with lithium batteries don’t have replaceable batteries, so the alarm itself will need to be replaced around every 10 years.

How to change a smoke alarm battery

How often should my smoke alarm be checked?

We recommend doing regular checks to keep your smoke alarm maintained. Here is a quick guide to a great maintenance plan:

Every month: test your alarm to ensure the battery and alarm are in working order 

Every 6 months: clean your smoke alarm with a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust that may prevent your alarm from working properly

Once a year: replace your smoke alarm battery

Every 10 years: replace your actual smoke alarm. Smoke alarms don’t last forever and the sensitivity will reduce over time.

How many smoke alarms do I need for my house?

In all Australian states, it is law to have a smoke alarm on every level of a building where people live. However, for a higher level of protection, we recommend installing interconnected alarms in all bedrooms, living spaces and even in the garage. 

how to change smoke alarm batteries

Why does my smoke alarm beep at random times?

This can be an indicator that your alarm needs new batteries. Most modern smoke alarms have an inbuilt alarm to ‘chirp’ as a low-battery warning. If you replace the battery and the chirping continues, it’s best to call in a professional. Or, you can try replacing it entirely. 

On average, 21 deaths occur in residential fires across NSW every year. One third of those fatalities could have been prevented if those homes had working smoke alarms, according to NSW Fire Investigation and Research Unit.

Find out more information on smoke alarms that’s relevant to your state. Simply click the following links to visit your states fire safety website:









To keep your family safe, follow these important tips and steps to maintain your smoke alarm throughout the year. If you have further questions, get in touch with us or book an on-site visit with a Service Today technician.