Clear a Blocked Stormwater Drain

How To Clear A Blocked Stormwater Drain

Your home stormwater drainage system is designed to help the external flow of water from your property to the stormwater mains service. This drainage helps to manage the rainfall and excessive water flow to protect your home from the risk of flooding. When a stormwater drain is blocked, your plumbing system can start running inefficiently and can result in water damage and flooding. So how do you clear a blocked stormwater drain? 

Here’s Service Today’s breakdown of what causes a blocked drain, the signs to look for, how to clear a blocked stormwater drain and  what you can do to prevent blocks in your stormwater system from happening in the future.

Signs of a blocked drain

After storms or heavy rainfall you may notice some of these issues occuring which could be a sign that your drains have a blockage and are struggling to cope.

  • Gutters overflowing
  • Water pooling or flooding around your drains or pipes
  • Gurgling noises from your drains
  • Excessive dampness
  • Stormwater pits and drains not draining

If you notice any of the above occurring on your property, especially if it is a continual occurrence, you need to call in a licensed plumber to investigate the issue for you. 

Cause of a blocked drain

There can be multiple reasons for a blocked stormwater drain. From debris to tree roots, to the age of your system. Another common cause is simply poor maintenance. If your drainage system hasn’t been cleaned or has gone unchecked for a long period of time, you will most likely end up with blockages.

Debris such as leaves, sticks and rubbish are often swept into drains with the rain and over time, these can become a much bigger problem. This is again why maintenance and cleaning your stormwater drain is so important. 

How to clear a blocked stormwater drain?

Tree roots are known for the mass destruction of stormwater drains. As the pipes are built underground, over the years, tree roots can begin to grow towards pipes as they are attracted to the water and condensation. The strength of the roots is often underestimated, they can break older pipes or find their way in through small cracks or openings. The end result is total blockage of your drain and the only way to fix it is to remove the roots entirely, which often means a whole new system.

There are however some great solutions to tree roots. Services like pipe relining for example, can save you thousands of dollars. If you have a blocked drain, speak to the team at Service Team to see if there is a product or service that may work for your stormwater drain. 

Another reason for clogged up drains can be an aging plumbing system. As the ground shifts, your pipes and drain may have collapsed or it can dislodge from the movement. This will again require a professional plumber to fix the problem. 

How to clear a blocked stormwater drain

Blocked stormwater systems are a common problem but it’s one we can’t ignore. They can also cause quite the mess! Depending on the size of your blockage, you may be able to clear it using a plunger, however, most blockages are a problem that only plumbers can fix. 

At Service Today, we use the latest technology such as drain cameras and high-pressure water jets to properly assess the issue and we will work with you to find the best solution and repair strategy to fit your needs and budget. 

If needed, we also offer other products and services like pipe relining for example, a great solution for when drains and pipes have broken, collapsed or been blocked by roots.

So if you need to clear your blocked stormwater drain, for a swift, professional fix book an on-site visit with a licenced Service Today technician. We have experienced technicians and the right solution for every drainage issue. 

Preventing a blocked drain

Preventing future damage and blockages to your drainage system is simple. The answer is maintenance! 

We recommend routinely maintaining your gutters and exposed drains by removing debris like leaves and branches. You can also add preventative measures like gutter guards and filters to stay ahead of future blockages and build up.

For more information about stormwater drainage systems and how to reduce your risk of flooding, contact Service Today!