Pipe Reline

Pipe Relining- Repair your pipe from the inside out!

When your home has blocked or broken pipes, you commonly have one of two options.
Dig up the entire pipe and replace it costing you thousands of dollars, or perform a Pipe Reline. However many Australian households are unaware that a Pipe Reline is an option or how it works.

This method of pipe repair is gaining popularity in Australia every year as a method that will save your garden and wallet. In this blog, we will discuss everything a homeowner needs to know about Pipe Relines. Assuring that you will make an informed decision if the time ever comes for your home.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining is a process that allows sections of damaged pipework to be repaired without physically replacing them or the need to dig underground. It can be used to repair cracked and broken pipes and drains blocked by tree roots.

Pipe relining uses the latest technology, can be done within a day, and is far cheaper than traditional repair methods, saving you both time and money. Service Today guarantees that your new relined section of piping will be strong, durable, and will last for, at least, 25 years.

When do I need a Pipe Relining?

It is very common for households to experience wear and tear within their pipe system, especially if they haven’t been inspected in a long time. If your pipes are left untreated, the damage will often worsen, costing you money, further damage and blocking pipes.

Before the condition of the pipes worsen, it is wise to have a plumber consultation to decide if it is time for a Pipe Reline. In order to repair piping and prevent further damage without digging up homes’ entire yard to unearth piping, certain plumbers can perform pipe relining. The reline system is installed internally and repairs pipes damaged due to corrosion, cracks, joint separations, and root and water infiltration regardless of the pipe age or material.

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What are the benefits of pipe relining?

The main benefit of pipe relining vs. pipe replacement is its unintrusive method of installation, only taking a single day and leaving virtually no mess. As apposed to a traditional pipe replacement and dig-up when replacing an underground pipe, you must dig the entire ground up in order to expose the pipe. This mess extended the period of the job to repair the lawn.

Pipe relining solutions seal your pipes making them impenetrable to tree roots, insects and vermin. This provides a permanent fix to potential pipe problems covering all internal cracks and gaps. The reline solution is also unaffected by chemicals and oils produced by the home.

The cost-effective nature of this solution is perhaps its biggest selling point. Comparative to other traditional solutions provided for residential pipe repairs pipe relining is vastly more affordable. Traditional methods rely on the use of expensive equipment and time-costly labour.

Overall Pipe relining provides:

  • Little to no disruption of the ground above the damaged pipe.
  • Minimal (if any) excavation required.
  • Fast installation.
  • Lower Labour & machine costs
  • Versatility
  • Service Today guarantee the relined section of pipe for 25 years.

What is Pipe Relining made out of?

Epoxy resin is used in the Pipe Reline process as a strong and malleable material. The material is cost effective and able to be produced for any length needed. The warranty given by most manufacturers is around fifty years. This resin will restore your pipes and protect them from further damage.

How does pipe relining work?

Unblock The Pipe

Before the pipe can be relined, it needs to be unblocked. Using a high-pressure water jetting system, our Service Today technicians will remove any foreign matter that is blocking the damaged pipe.

Unblock The Pipe

Inspect The Pipe

Service Today has the latest CCTV drain camera technology on hand to have your pipe inspected. We’ll locate the damaged section in your pipe and mark it so that the new lining can be positioned and inserted.

Inspect The Pipe

Insert The New Lining

A liner filled with epoxy resin is inserted and positioned inside the damaged section of the pipe. Through the use of compressed air, the liner conforms to the inside of the pipe, until the resin is cured. The inflation device is removed and a new section of pipe is left adhering to the existing pipe.

Insert The New Lining

The Reline Is Complete!

Between two and four hours later, the reline is complete. This happens when the patch finishes curing inside the pipes and forms a new pipe within the old damaged section.

The Reline Is Complete!

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