How to Stop a Smell in Your Bathroom?

Bathrooms are an integral part of your everyday life. It is where you wash, clean up and prepare for your day or night. As is the case, the last thing you need from your bathroom is for it to be filled with an unpleasant odour.

Unfortunately, our Service Today plumbers are all too familiar with this smell. In their experience, persistent odours aren’t something that you can clean on your own. Rather, a stench is usually the symptom of a much deeper problem in your bathroom plumbing. If you’re experiencing a stench in your bathroom, you may be in need of plumbing maintenance.

Most common types of bathroom smells

The first step to fixing your smelly bathroom is identifying exactly what type of smell it is. An unpleasant experience as it may be, it is critical to figuring out your next best steps.

  • Urine smell

If your bathroom smells like ammonia, there’s only one suspect. The toilet.

If the smell lingers long after you’ve flushed and persists after multiple toilet cleans, it may be the sign of a deeper plumbing problem.

Often, a persistent urine smell is probably due to a problem in your toilet, in particular the wax adhesive on the bottom of the toilet that attaches it to the floor and seals it and the drain. It may be a case of incorrect installation, damage or leak, however the result will be the same. A smelly bathroom.

The only way to fix this issue is to make a call to your Service Today plumber. If the seal is in fact the issue, they will be able to replace it immediately.

  • Sulfur or rotten egg smell

Two major sources of this kind of smell are your pipes and your drains. Blocked drains can cause sulfur-like odours to be emitted. This is due to blockages in your pipes caused by debris which are fed on by bacteria. Alternatively, pipe problems such as holes or cracks may allow bacteria to enter pipes. This causes the water which runs out to be contaminated with a rotten egg odour.

  • Sewage smell

Each toilet contains a water trap. Using bends in the pipe and pockets of still water, unwelcome smells from your sewer connection pipe are physically blocked from entering your home.

Issues with your trap, such as low water levels, can result in sewer stench to reach your bathroom.

You’ve identified the smell, now what?

Such smells are caused by plumbing issues which require a professional plumber to fix. They are definitely not a DIY fix! So put down your tools, and pick up the phone to give us a call at 1300 859 383.

In the interim, to make the use of your bathroom a more bearable experience, pick up that scented spray, crack open a window and shut the toilet lid, until your Service Today plumber has arrived.