Hiring an Electrician: 5 Important Questions to Ask

When electrical problems arise, it can be enough to send even the most organised homeowners into a panic. When it comes to lighting, switchboards, power points and safety switches you never know when something could go wrong. That’s why having a company that you can trust, to get your out of trouble is important. It is always best to find a good electrician before you find yourself in an electrical emergency.

Finding a good electrician can be hard work if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  To help you find the best company, here are the questions you need to ask.

1. Do you have a licence?

A licence to do electrical work is a legal requirement in Australia. This measure is one that is in place for safety. When it comes to electricity it pays to be safe. An electrician’s licence means that the technician has the necessary education to undertake the work. Hiring an electrician without a licence could mean that in the end, you end up paying for a less than perfect service, with no way of knowing if the work has been carried out to Australian standards. It is always best to go for a licensed company, the only way to be sure that work carried out on your home is safe.

2. Do you provide written quotes and warranties?

Written quotes and warranties are not only great for record keeping, insurance purposes and tenant/landlord arrangements. Written documentation is the only way to have a clear indication of costs and an understanding of the work being carried out on your property. You should always receive a written quote outlining work to be completed and transparent pricing.

There is no better guarantee than a lifetime guarantee. While not all electricians will be able to provide this, if a company can promise that their workmanship is covered for life- like Service Today, this is a good indicator that they will not be cutting any corners. In the event that something does go wrong further down the track, there is great peace of mind in knowing that your electrician will return and honour their work.

3. How do you price?

In the past, most electricians would have charged an hourly rate, today this isn’t always the case. All electricians work at a different pace. When you are charged by the hour, you are actually paying a different price depending on the electrician that does the work. When you are charged a predetermined fixed price based on the task completed, you are paying the same price as every other customer for that task, regardless of how long that task takes the electrician on any given day. This fixed price system is best for both the customer and the company. The electrician can concentrate on quality work without watching the clock, and the customer can rest assured that their job isn’t being dragged out longer than it needs to for extra money.

4. Do you have social proof?

In a time when almost anyone can build a good looking website, it can be necessary to do a little extra research when inviting tradespeople into your home. That is by seeing the experiences of other customers with a company. Online reviews are a great way to gauge the general response to the company. You can expect to find a few negative reviews everywhere, but seeing the positives far outweigh the negatives will give you a great indication that you too can expect a great experience with a company. Help us build our online reputation by sharing your experience on Google or Product Review.

5. Do you offer emergency or after hours service?

A good electrician can be hard to find, one that will be available 24/7 is even harder. When electrical emergencies arise, it’s good to have a company you can call straight away. Someone that will be ready to help. A great electrician to have on hand is one that offers same day service, after hours, weekends and emergency call outs. No matter what time of what day, know that you can get help and fast.

Service Today Electricians Can Help

We hope these questions can help you find the best electrician for you. At Service Today our electricians are fast, friendly and reliable. Our technicians are licenced, provide written quotes and offer lifetime guarantee on workmanship. Our fixed prices are fair and we have the great customer reviews to prove it. If you need emergency electrical service in Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, Melbourne, Geelong or Adelaide, give us a call on 1300 859 383 or book online!

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