Hiring a Plumber: 5 Important Questions to Ask

There’s nothing worse than a burst pipe, blocked toilet or no hot water. Plumbing issues do not occur every day, but when they do they need to be rectified quickly. These problems leave many homeowners stressed and often confused about who to call. It is always best to know a plumber that you can trust before a problem arises. A company you know you can turn to, someone you can call when things go wrong.

To make sure you have the right team ready to go, here are the questions you need to ask them!

1. Are you licensed?

A plumber’s license guarantees their qualifications. It tells you- the homeowner that this person or company knows what to do and will complete work to Australian standards. In a time where almost anyone can have a good looking website made, it can be hard to tell any plumber from one with experience and qualifications. Lack of a license could mean that you end up paying for less than perfect service. It pays to check.

2. Do you provide written quotes and warranties?

A reputable company will answer yes.

You should always receive a written quote outlining work to be completed and transparent pricing. Written quotes are not only important for you as the homeowner to have a clear indication of costs but also an understanding of the work being carried out on your property. Written quotes are also great for keeping records of home maintenance, for insurance purposes, for tenant/landlord situations and for comparing costs between companies.

There is no better guarantee than a lifetime guarantee. While not all plumbers will be able to provide this, if a company can promise that their workmanship is covered for life- like Service Today, this is a good indicator that they will not be cutting any corners. In the event that something does go wrong further down the track, there is great peace of mind knowing that your plumber will return and honour their work.

3. Will you be prepared to repair the problem when you arrive?

While it is impossible for a plumber to carry every tool and product with them in their van, having the basics and standard parts is to be expected. It tells you that the technician is willing and able to fix your problem then and there. Having a fully stocked van saves the technician time and saves you money. Stocked vans are especially important for after hours jobs when suppliers are closed.

4. Do you offer emergency or after hours service?

You need to know that your plumber can is contactable in the event of an emergency. Very rarely do plumbing emergencies occur at a convenient time. They will happen on a Friday night at 8 pm, on a public holiday or in the middle of the work day- when you are not home. A great plumber to have on hand is one that offers same day service, after hours, weekends and emergency call outs. No matter what time of what day, you can get help and fast.

5. Do you have social proof?

One of the best ways to back yourself up when it comes to inviting tradespeople into your home is by seeing the experiences of other customers with a company. Online reviews are a great way to gauge the general response to the company. You can expect to find a few negative reviews everywhere, however seeing the positives far outweigh the negatives, will give you a great indication that you too can expect a great experience with a company.

Call Service Today

Those are the top 5 questions you need to ask a company when considering them as your plumbers. If you’re looking for a great plumber in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, call Service Today now. We are licensed, arrive in fully stocked vans, provide written quotes, offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship and 24/7 service. With  Service Today you can’t go wrong.

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