Infographic: Electrical Safety Tips

Want to keep yourself safe from common electrical hazards?

Explore the below Infographic for the complete electrical safety solution.

Check the condition of your home’s wiring, upgrade if required

If your home’s electrical wiring is 35 to 40 years old, you must make an electrical inspection to find out the faulty and weak wires. This work is not a DIY, hire an expert electrician Adelaide for the complete electrical inspection from Service Today.

Replace Old or Faulty Outlets With Modern Outlets

If we see the research, 20% of house fires take place because of the faulty outlets or cords. If your home has faulty or very old outlets, replace them with modern outlets. The outlets with faults can also damage your expensive electrical appliances. Don’t take risk, change them immediately.

A Complete Inspection of Smoke Detectors

Smoke alarms help us by providing enough time to get out of the home before any electrical or fire emergency. As per research, 3 out of 5 deaths happen because of faulty smoke alarms. You should inspect your smoke alarms regularly.

Keep Yourself Ready For The Electrical Emergency

  • Make an Escape Plan To Come Out From Emergency Situation
  • Pass Through Safe Routes
  • Follow The Escape Plan
  • Keep the Important Belongings Nearby For Immediate Access

Know How To Use Fire Extinguisher

  • First Pull The Pin
  • Always Keep Extinguisher Nozzle Away From You & Hold It Properly
  • Aim Low
  • Squeeze Level Slowly
  • Sweep From Side To Side

With the help of above simple steps, you can keep yourself as well as your family safe from common electrical hazard or any electrical emergency.