Plumber Cost Guide: Rates You Should Know

Whilst it’s important that your tradie makes money for his work, it’s important that the tradie charges fair pricing. Flat rate pricing, fixed pricing and upfront pricing is generally a term used when the pricing of each service is set usually by the business owner which should reflect the cost of running a professional business and all the over-head associated to make a profit.

When using a Tradie that offers the Flat rate pricing, fixed pricing and upfront pricing its important that as a customer you can see a pricing book, catalogue or these days it’s pretend in a electrician form, this generally indicates that the price standard and is used across the business, not a made up price on site and valuing the job based on where you live and what you look like. There have been cases of over priced service work that has been carried out to homeowners.

Furthermore, we recommend getting more than one quote to compare the pricing and we also recommend that the person you use back up the advertising claims of Flat rate pricing, fixed pricing and upfront pricing that is out of a price book or catalogue.

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